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Shonen Online 2 Codes: Check Complete Information On Trello Board, And Discord Account

What are the Shonen Online 2 Codes available? Do they have a Trello board and a Discord account?

Are there any Shonen Online 2 Codes? Does Shonen Oline 2 have a Trello board? What are the details of their discord account? What is Shonen: Online 2? Is this game available on Roblox or not? People from the United States are highly interested in this topic. Thus, we will discuss the details about the Shonen: Online 2. 

List of the Shonen Online 2 Codes

An animation show inspires this game with the same name. The game is available on Roblox. Let us read some codes here:

  • WBI0x – Get 30,000 Yen with this code.
  • SorryForTooManyShutdowns – This code is redeemed for double XP and double Yen. But only for 15 minutes.
  • Release! – Get 15,000 Yen with this code.
  • DoubleXP – This code will give you dual XP and double Yen for 15 minutes. 
  • 5KFavs – This code will provide you with 10,000 Yen. 
  • Sub2Roball – One will get 15000 Yen. For the Next 15 minutes, double XP and double Yen will also be awarded. 
  • 1KLikes – Double XP and Double Yen for 15 minutes.
  • RIPEXPLOITERS – Get 10000 Yen.

Details About Shonen Online 2 Trello

Shonen: Online 2 has created its Trello board. Their board has approx. Twenty-one tables and several sub-tables inside them. These contain all the information related to this game. The heads of the tables are as follows:

  • Game Information
  • Villages & Areas
  • In-game Events
  • Starting Out
  • Clans
  • Skill Tree Jutsu
  • Race
  • Fighting Style
  • Faction NCPs
  • NCPs
  • Items
  • Armor
  • Enchantments
  • Scrolls/Artifacts
  • Specialties
  • Talents
  • Iriguchi
  • Blessing/Curse
  • Don’t Archive But Old Cards
  • Obtainable Weapons

These are the tables present on the board with a lot of information. 

Link to the board:

Details About Shonen Online 2 Discord

Shonen: Online 2 has its discord community. This Roblox game’s discord community is significant. They have more than 30,504 members, out of which 6111 are online. They have created their own rules for the community members. If any member does not follow the rules, they will be removed. 

The account name is ‘Shonen: Online 2.’ They provide updates through their discord channel. And they post announcements on their track as well. They also provide the details about the strike, general, and wipe-restore reports. They have a lot of information available on their Discord account. The link to their discord account is here: 

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More Details on Shonen Online 2 Trello

The Fei Studios have created this game. They have 158 active players. The server size of the game is 2. The game was created on 26th March 2023 and updated on 2nd November 2023. More than 9348 players have added the game to their favorite list. 

The game has more than 2 million visits. Communication is possible through the microphone. The game is trending because it has been updated recently. People are trying to search for the changes in the game that came after releasing the updated version. 


In this article, we have decided to provide details about the codes, Trello board, and the Shonen Online 2 Discord community of Shonen: Online 2. The game has been released recently after the update on 2 November 2023. Thus, more and more people are trying to search for details about this game. We suggest our users to read the article properly. Visit the Roblox’s site to play the game.

Have you played Shonen: Online 2? Comment below all the details you know about Shonen: Online 2. 

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