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Pay Scam: What Is Fee to Pay Fraud? Check Here!

Learn more about Pay Scam and how the scammers are using the fee to pay cards to steal hard-earned money of people. 

Are you a person who wants to stay vigilant against online scams? Then, have you heard of the Pay Scam, which is trending in the internet world?

This is a type of scam happening recently in the United Kingdom, where the scammers chose the brand name Royal Mail to create their scam activities. Thus, in this article, we are going to talk about the scam in a detailed manner.

What is the Pay Scam?

Royal Mail from the UK is one of the most popular and best postal services companies that used to deliver parcels worldwide. It is always best to trust a brand providing excellent services for ages. So, even in Britain, people have lots and lots of trust in the Royal Mail postal company. 

And now the scammers utilise the name to scam people. In Royal Mail, there is an operation called the “fee to pay card.” If the customers don’t make the payment entirely, they will issue that card to the respective customer, and after paying, only the items can be received or delivered. Now, the Pay scam revolves around that fee-to-pay card. The scammers simply share a card with random customers, asking them to pay a fee for getting their goods delivered. But it was an absolute scam in the name of royal mail.

The scam story

Everyone wants to deliver or receive their parcels, no matter what happens. These kinds of mindsets are plus points for scammers. In royal mail scams, the scammers issue a “fee to pay card,” as the name suggests. The customers have to make their payment; otherwise, the delivery will be cancelled by the team. In fear of that, people are paying fees to the scammers. In this case, many people have lost their money.

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In the Royal Mail postal company, there is a card named “Fee to Pay.”. The company will issue those cards only to people whose payments are delayed, or else they may not have paid the total amount, etc. Not all Royal Mail customers get that fee to pay card. Everyone has to be very clear about this point. If the customers have the full payment receipt, they don’t have to deliver via a fee-to-pay card. A Fee to Pay will also be issued if the customer doesn’t pay the customs charges properly.

Fee to pay card details

The card is grey, where the customer’s name, address, and order number will be typed, and the reason for issuing that card is shared along with the details. Then, the customer has to pay the respective due amount, which is mentioned in the card, to get their product delivered.

Authenticity of Royal Mail

  • Royal Mail was founded in 1516, and they have been doing operations since then.
  • The trust score of the website is 100.

Hence, the Royal Mail Company and their website are authentic.


Pay Scam reflects how the scammers are utilising the company’s name to steal the hard-earned money of the people. But Royal Mail has informed its customers that if they detect any issues related to Royal Mail, they can report them immediately on their customer care support system. By doing this, we can prevent the scams around us.

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Disclaimer: The article discusses the scam; we are sharing this content to create awareness among the people.

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