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Pavel Antonov Wikipedia: Is The Russian Sausage Tycoon Dead? Curious To Know Death Facts? What Was His Net Worth? Check All Factors Here!

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Who is Pavel Antonov?

Pavel Antonov is a renowned meat producer known as the Russian sausage tycoon. As per the Russian media reports, the famous Vladimir Standard, a meat firm in Russia, is established by Pavel.

Apart from being a meat industrialist, he also holds positions in other things. Let’s find out.

About Pavel Antonov- Wiki and Net Worth

Full Name- Pavel Antonov
Date of birth- December 22
Profession- Industrialist and businessman
Age- 65
Net worth- $1.3 Million
Education- Not Mentioned
Nationality- Russian

 We can gather only limited information for our readers related to Antonov’s personal and professional life. However, many things need to be disclosed, but once we get our hands on that information, we will update the article accordingly.

Is Pavel Antonov dead?

Yes, the businessman was found dead on vacation in India. He died falling from the window when he went on a vacation to celebrate his 66th birthday. The Sausage tycoon was also a member of the Vladimir Region Legislative Assembly.

He was also the chairman of the Vladimir region legislative assembly on different committees like agricultural policy, environmental management, and ecology.

How did the incident happen?

The incident happened in the Rayagada area in Odisha, where he stayed to celebrate his birthday. However, it was found that Pavel jumped from the window on the 3rd floor. The body was discovered on December 25, 2022.

It is the same hotel in which two of the lawmakers in Russia were found Dead. Of course, these deaths raise many questions about whether it’s a suicide or someone murdered these lawmakers.

Is Pavel Antonov married?

We cannot say whether the person is married because there is nothing on the internet that claims that he is married. Furthermore, even if he is married, the name of her wife and children is not mentioned anywhere.

Who were the other two victims?

Before Pavel Antonov, two other people were found dead in the same hotel a few days back. One of them was Vladimir Budanov, and the reason for his Death was a Heart attack. Surprisingly, all 3 members died in the same hotel, and the Indian police are trying to find the link between them.

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Final words

The investigation is still going on as the incident happened recently. Therefore, Vladimir Putin also expressed their grief at the passing of one of the wealthiest people in Russia. Everyone is hoping that the case will be solved as soon as possible.

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Pavel Antonov Wikipedia– FAQs

1: Who is Pavel Antonov?

A: He’s a meat sausage tycoon in Russia.

2: How did Pavel die?

A: Jump from a 3rd-floor window in a hotel.

3: What’s the net worth of Pavel Antonov?

A: Around $1.3 million.

4: What’s the age of Pavel Antonov?

A: His age was 65, and he was celebrating his 66th birthday when the incident happened.

5: What’s the name of Pavel’s wife?

A: No information is given related to this topic.

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