A Complete Guide to Pass ECES Certification Exam

A Complete Guide to Pass ECES Certification Exam

EC-Council Certified Encryption or ECES Certification is offered to candidates aspiring to build their career in the Encryption or Cryptography domain. With the rise in cybercrime worldwide and the increase in demand for cyber security professionals, Encryption knowledge with Certification can be a feather in the cap. 

  • You may avail ECES Certification training if you are a Fresh Technical Graduate/Post graduate with a huge interest in Network Security or Cyber Security Domain
  • Experienced Ethical hacker and Penetration Tester who wants to enhance Security Knowledge
  • Experienced System and Network Administrator looking forward to exploring more on VPN with Security concepts and has access to VPN and Digital Certificate in your organization

Apart from the above, if you are from a non-technical background having a profound interest in Cyber Security, enroll in a valid entry-level Security related certification course offered by accredited institutes, attend their boot camps, network with Cyber security groups and communities and begin your journey towards Certification.

You are not eligible if you are a

  • Minor as per the defined age in your country to take up the training and exam unless authorized by parents/guardians with a supporting letter by your educational institute.

Purpose of ECES Training

  Lately, Data Privacy and Protection have been given the utmost importance across organizations. With the shortage  of skilled encryption specialized security Engineers and ever-increasing demand in the job market, ECES certification is gaining a lot of attention when it comes to upskilling among security professionals.

You have a lot of training institutes luring in the market with several courses concerning Penetration Testing and Ethical hacking, while the concept of Cryptanalysis is completely ignored by many. ECES Training and certification cover the cryptanalysis concept perfectly, which is extra beneficial for Penetration testers to scale up a level. 

Furthermore, the ECES course paves the way for choosing the proper encryption standards for your respective organization.

The training aims to empower leading resources with a Powerful tool and have a solid encrypted, secured environment. 

ECES Certification Cost and Training Cost:

ECES Certification Training is provided by several accredited, and EC council recognized institutes at an affordable price which is separate from the Certification Exam fee. The Certification fee is approximately USD 249.

ECES certification training Process

  1. Pick a start date for your online training from the below recommendations
  2. Enrol in the course by making the payment
  3. Study Materials can be obtained from Learning centres, and get started with the preparation

Takeaways from Training

  1. Sample Papers for practice
  2. Study Materials
  3. Course Completion Certificate

Mode of Training:

You can take up ECES training courses in multiple modes that include:

  1. Instructor-led classroom training
  2. Instructor-led Live online training
  3. 1-on-1 training
  4. Fly-me-a-Trainer

Why enrol for ECES Training at Centers before Certification? 

  1. Coaching by industry experts
  2. Many Training institutes are accredited by EC Council and tied up with multiple other vendors
  3. Customized start dates for online, Corporate, and classroom training
  4. Theoretical and Practical hands-on lab Experience
  5. Flexible time slots and duration
  6. World-class study material prepared by industry experts
  7. Get trained, certified, and be a trainer

Certification Process

  1. Enrol yourself for certification training at desired start date and time at Learning centres
  2. Make the payment for training
  3. Start the rigorous training sessions in the desired mode
  4. Take up as many mock tests as possible for the best results
  5. Seek guidance from the expert trainers 
  6. Once confident with preparation, enrol for the final Certification exam by paying a separate amount and clear in the first attempt

ECES Certification Exam Summary

Course/Certification EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES)
Exam Duration 120 minutes or 2 hours
Total Questions 50
Passing Score 70%
Type of Questions Multiple Choice
Price $249 (USD)

Scope of ECES Course and Certification

  1. Since the Certification is globally recognized and valid, you can move to any part of the world to pursue a prosperous and satisfying career
  2. You can take up any Information/Cyber security-related corporate roles and grow vertically up the career ladder.
  3. You can also be a tutor and teach the upcoming security enthusiasts
  4. You can be an entrepreneur and set up firms related to Encrypted Security.
  5. You can also help Governments and be part of military forces to contain cyber security breaches
  6. You can be part of global security hackathons and get recognized and rewarded.
  7. Professional networking with industry experts, regular meet-ups, and interactions generates ideas that can contribute to inventing new technology and upgrading yourself.

Being Tech savvy is a basic necessity in today’s fast-paced world and so is creating a secured data environment. By empowering yourself with utmost security knowledge, you will be one of those eminent contributors who make the digital world a more secure space by protecting sensitive data from hackers and data thieves. So, what are you waiting for? Enrol yourself for ECES Certification today.

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