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Joseph Augustus Zarelli Family: Has The Obituary Done In Philadelphia? Are The Parents Details Trending On Reddit & Twitter Handles?

Finally, the details of Joseph Augustus Zarelli Family are revealed. Read the below article to find out interesting facts.

Have you heard about “The Boy in the Box”? Do you know about this mysterious case? If not, please go through the entire article to find out what we are talking about. Natives of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and more countries waited for this sensational news. 

It is a 65-year-old mystery that is solved now. If you also want to know about Joseph Augustus Zarelli Family, please keep reading the article. 

Disclaimer: The article is based on real-life events, and we have collected all the information from authentic and genuine media sources. 

Who were Joseph Augustus Zarelli’s family members?

Police came to know that the parents of Joseph Augustus Zarelli were already dead. They couldn’t identify Joseph’s family. The commanding officer, Capt. Jason Smith said in a press conference that Joseph used to live with his family at 61st and Market in West Philadelphia. The police did not reveal much information about the case. 

Who was Joseph Augustus Zarelli?

Almost sixty-five years ago, police found the dead body of a young boy in the woods of the Fox Chase in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They found the body in a cardboard box. At that time, no one could find out the identity of the boy. So, everyone named the boy “America’s Unknown Child.” 

After sixty-five years, on 8th December 2022, the police finally discovered the identity of the boy and his Parents. After a modern DNA test, the police found that “The Boy in the Box” or “America’s Unknown Child” was Joseph Augustus Zarelli. 

When and where was the body of Joseph found?

On 26th February 1957, the police discovered Joseph Augustus Zarelli’s body in the Fox Chase beside Susquehanna Road in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Joseph was only four years old when this terrible incident happened to him. Someone murdered him and dumped his body in the woods. 

Has the news gone viral on Reddit?

When the DNA test report came to the public, it went viral on different social media platforms. Many Reddit users convey their sorrow through the comment section. Those who didn’t know about the incident were in shock. 

In what condition did the police find Joseph’s body?

When The Philadelphia Police Department found Joseph’s boy, he was naked and extremely beaten. There were multiple bruises on his body. 

Where did the Obituary rituals observe?

The body of Joseph Augustus Zarelli was buried in the Ivy Hill Cemetery, Cedarbrook, and Philadelphia. 

What ordinary people are commenting on this case?

People were stunned after hearing this terrible news. Some people want to know the reason behind Joseph’s death. They also want to know who was behind this cold-blooded murder.

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Joseph Augustus Zarelli Wiki:

Full Name  Joseph Augustus Zarelli 
Date of Birth  13th January 1953
Died February 1957
Cause of Death  Homicide by blunt force trauma
Parents’ Name Not disclosed 
Height  3 ft 6 in
Nationality  American 
Zodiac Sign  Capricorn 

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The Homicide Unit did not reveal the parents of Joseph. But they said that Joseph’s siblings are still alive. The 65-year-old case has now become one of the toughest cases to solve. Click here to watch the official announcement of this case

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Joseph Augustus Zarelli Family– FAQs:

Q.1 How old was Joseph?

Ans. Four years old.

Q.2 Did Joseph have siblings?

Ans. Yes.

Q.3 When the police revealed Joseph’s name?

Ans. 8th December 2022.

Q.4 If Joseph was alive how old would he be?

Ans. 69 years old.

Q.5 Who is the commanding officer of the Homicide Unit?

Ans. Capt. Jason Smith

Q.6 Was Joseph malnutritioned?

Ans. Yes.

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