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{Update} Orion Kwite Allegations: Is It Trending on Twitter? Check Facts Now!

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Are you trying to search for new details about the Orion and Kwite controversy, which is trending all over the internet? If yes, we will inform you about the recent news relating to both parties and the public opinions on the viral case. Since the Orion statement, the public has been curious about the new findings and Kwite’s takes on the allegations. 

This controversy is mostly discussed in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. If you want to learn details about Orion Kwite AllegationsCheck out the post contents below. Follow the blog to know more. 


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What are the Orion Allegations on Kwite? 

As per the research, we have found that Kwite, a famous social media influencer, is accused of physically assaulting and abusing a girl through his YouTube videos. The accused girlfriend of that time, Orion Nyasputiin, has made such claims through a Twitter post, stating that it happened during their first date. 

On 23rd February 2023, Twitter Kwite Allegations were posted, resulting in a massive debate over the right or wrong person over the allegations against Kwite. Further links are provided for more updates. 

Further post details of Orion 

Orion started the post as she could not stay quiet anymore and continued with her dating history with Kwite; the incident occurred in 2018; even though the matter is not recent, Orion still posted such claims on the famous YouTuber. In the post, she also said that they met in 2017, got into a relationship, and started dating officially. 

What are the new updates on the Orion Kwite Allegations?

Recently, the case took a new turn when one of kwite’s fans posted that the allegations against kwite were all wrong and it was to take Kwite down. Eventually, everyone started supporting the social media star and criticizing Orion for such a cheap trick. 

What was the impact of Orion’s allegations? 

Orion has gone to great lengths, even accusing Kwite of being manipulative, abusive, controlling, and aggressive. The fans did not take the accusations kindly, which will greatly affect her career as the allegations have been proven wrong. Orion has lost many followers and sponsors because of false Orion Kwite Allegations.

What are the user’s sentiments regarding the controversy? 

Many people favored Orion, believing her allegations were true. But many others take sides with Kwite not believing such grave claims. The social media platforms were divided between both sides, which are right or wrong. 

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Final Thoughts 

Although the truth behind the allegations has been cleared up, there still are no statements from the parties involved. Refer to the link for further reference. 

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Orion Kwite Allegations: FAQs

Q1. Who is Kwite?

Kwite is a known personality on social media and an active influencer. 

Q2. What is the controversy trending on social media platforms? 

Orion, a partner of kwite who he was dating at that time, has put an allegation on him of physical assaults. 

Q3. How old is Kwite? 

As per our research, kwite is found to be 22 years old. 

Q4. When did Kwite and Orion start dating? 

They both started to date in 2018, and the controversy relates to their first date.  

Q5. What is the result of the Orion Kwite Allegations debacle? 

The recent updates show that the allegations of Orion against Kwite were all false.

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