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Nucypher Price Prediction 2025 (Oct 2021) How To Buy?

Do you want to increase your revenue by detecting facts on Nucypher Price Prediction 2025? Then, read this article thoroughly.

Are you hunting to know about your favorite crypto token? But after that, let us reveal some more information about the token. 

The United States, and the United Kingdom people invest in cryptocurrencies considering that its price will increase in the future to claim more profit. In other words, they invest in those currencies which are of higher prediction. Therefore, it is seen that price prediction plays a vital role in online trading, which may increase the chances of gaining a high margin. 

Thus, in this article, we will also analyze well-known crypto with Nucypher Price Prediction 2025

What is NuCypher?

It is access control, key management system aiming at the protection of public blockchains. Moreover, it provides end-to-end encrypted data transferring on blockchains and storage solutions. 

Also, it has a high-security level that allows users to share delicate information in their trusted community employing proxy re-encryption technology.

Besides, it has released its native tokens of the same name to boost the network services. NU tokens are used for different purposes, including prevention of malicious stalking, suspected rewards, etc.  

Thus before digging more facts on Nucypher Price Prediction 2025, let us determine its owner’s name. 

Founder Details 

It was co-founded by MacLane Wilkison and Mikhail Egorov, who is the founder of Curve. As per the sources, both founders collaborated in 2016 during the U.S. startup accelerator Y Combinator. 

Features of NU

Specifications  Description 
Instant Access Control It grants and denies data manipulation.
Secured data It preserves the data privately.
Protected Management NU manages secrets for tokens and vital keys amongst the different users worldwide for helping them to estimate Nucypher Price Prediction 2025
Homophobic encryption  It protects the outsourced nodes, utilizing the NuFHE library.
Proxy re-encryption  It accesses control over protocols and apps. 

Live Price of The Token

Token live price is $1.88, possessing an up by 160.81%.

Market Supply And Other Statistical Data 

  • NU’s 24 hour volume is $3,683,842,690.
  • Token’s total supply is 1,311,359,330.
  • NU’s market cap is $1,295,606,245.
  • The market rank of NU is #86
  • Token’s max supply is 3,885,390,082. 
  • Its market dominance is 0.05%.
  • Token’s fully diluted market cap is $7,322,088,222.

Nucypher Price Prediction 2025

After the release of NU in October 2020, it didn’t gain momentum very rapidly. Thus, in its early days, the investors traded it for about $0.2. Moreover, it has reached a stagnant period from May 2021 to June 2022. 

But, recently, this token is preferred by most traders, increasing its market value in online trading. 

Prediction for the Year 2025 
Minimum price  Maximum price 
$7.17 $8.57

Therefore, we have helped you detect its worthiness in the coming days by revealing the below-mentioned Nucypher Price Prediction 2025. In addition, it is suggested that you kindly conduct the research properly before investing in cryptocurrencies. 

How can Worldwide Investors Buy NU?

It is popular amongst the online exchanges, namely Binance, Huobi, Coinbase Pro, UniSwap, Gate.io, OKEx, 1inch Exchange, Hotbit, and Hoo.


Q1. What is the Official Website of NU?

A1. https://www.nucypher.com is the official NU site.

Q2. What is the Contract Address of Nucypher?

A2. The Contract address is 0x4fe83213d56308330ec302a8bd641f1d0113a4cc. Visit here for more facts

The Final Talk

Post on Nucypher Price Prediction 2025 has detected the in-depth details of the token, including its price prediction. Moreover, we have also analyzed its statistical data to recognize its importance in the future. 

In addition, the post has evaluated NU’s founder details and live price, which will aid you in considering better decisions while trading. 

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