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Badger Crypto Price Prediction {Oct} Chart, How To Buy?

This article describes a futuristic DeFi based project and its revolutionary impact on the financial system. Read more on Badger Crypto Price Prediction.

Are you someone interested in future financial projects based on decentralization? If yes, you might have come across this famous and trending project discussed among the traders, investors and financial enthusiasts of the crypto community.

All these Decentralized finance-related projects are involved with the emerging cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, making the traders and investors from the United States highly positive about the future of these smart projects. Read this article to understand more on the topic Badger Crypto Price Prediction.

About Badger DAO

Badger works for the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The only purpose of this organization is to build and develop infrastructure and products that are essential to increase the movement of Bitcoin, keeping it as collateral with various other blockchains.

This incredible facility enables users from the DeFi community to come close with other community members and work together to develop and build projects and products according to their needs. The main focus of Badger DAO is in building an effective collaborative network system in the community from the crypto and blockchain space.

Badger Crypto Price Prediction

  • This token works on communities, and all the codes are open-sourced, making the community more transparent and trustworthy.
  • The price movement completely depends upon the supply and demand of the token. High demand on the token can lead to the increase in price, whereas a low demand can decrease the token price.
  • The token price kept increasing rapidly from the beginning of October 2021 as the investors are highly bullish on the coin.

Market Capitalization

  • Market Cap: $303,137,973
  • 24 H Trading Volume: $40,109,693
  • Total Value Locked: $909,559,174. Read more on Badger Crypto Price Prediction.
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $646,853,456
  • Circulating Supply: 9,841,328
  • Maximum Supply: 21,000,000
  • Total supply: 21,000,000
  • 24h Low: $30.13
  • 24h High: $34.05
  • 7d Low: $24.39
  • 7d High: $38.81
  • Market Cap rank: 236

Founders and Team

Chris Spadafora is the founder of Badger, and he is also the head of the operations team. The other major member of the operation team is Ameer Rosic. Alberto Cevallos and Albert Castellana handle the advisory roles.

How to buy?

  • Badger token is available on all the major crypto exchanges such as Binance, Uniswap(v2), Huobi Global, Sushiswap and Gatte.io. Understand more on Badger Crypto Price Prediction.
  • The price of the token will have slight variations compared to others.
  • To purchase this token from Binance, the user needs to create an account by submitting the KYC details.
  • After creating an account on Binance, the user can purchase a badger token by exchanging it with other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Binance, Ethereum etc.
  • The user needs to have enough funds in their wallet before placing a buy order to have a smooth crypto transaction.
  • Purchase using major cryptocurrencies gives a faster and easier buying experience due to high transaction volume.


  • Q1: Is the Badger Crypto Price Prediction available in coingecko?
  • A1: Yes, all the fundamental and technical data about this token are available on this platform. 
  • Q2: Is the trading charts of Badger token available on tradingview? 
  • A2: Yes, tradingview provides different currency pairs of badger and its charts in different time frames for a better chart analysis.


Financial industries are starting to be revolutionized with the help of the DeFi projects, as the community is putting a lot of effort into developing similar projects. To know more about this topic, please visit here .

Are you interested in any futuristic DeFi projects similar to that of Badger Crypto Price Prediction? If yes, kindly comment on your valuable insights.

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