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No King Original Video Twitter: Yes King How Good Is It Original Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube & Telegram? Know Details!

Today’s No King Original Video Twitter title is about a meme that went viral on many online networks, grabbing the attention of several online users.

Is Yes King’s footage meme viral or about No King? What caused the ‘Yes King Twitter video’ meme to spread? Why are people in the United States and other global places searching for No King? Is there any connection between “Yes King” and “No King?” Who posted Yes King’s video’s meme?

Online users are curious to know the answers to all such queries associated with No King. However, the details are about Yes King and some are confused with No King. So let us check all about Yes King and rumors surrounding No King Original Video Twitter.


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What is No King’s video about?

There isn’t any information or facts available about No King. The information and details are mere of Yes King, making people search for its opposite word, No King. The term No King isn’t much Viral On Reddit as it is about Yes King.

Who posted a meme of Yes King’s latest footage?

The contentious Twitter post that gave rise to the Yes King’s initial footage meme on Telegram. A section of the newly published OnlyFans clip depicting ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv performing a graphic action was uploaded on Twitter by @LoveAndLightTv on March 30, 2023.

This footage immediately served as the inspiration for the popular meme. Investigating the participants is necessary to comprehend the meme’s history. The meme gained traction due to the prominence of ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv, the two popular men who model on the OnlyFans network.

What was the conversation between ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv?

In the recently posted clip on Instagram, ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv had a great conversation. LoveAndLightTv provokingly asked an inappropriate question to ThickMuthaFukah. So, ThickMuthaFukah replied, “Yes King.”

This exchange was the basis for the ‘Yes King’s original footage on Twitter’s meme and its slogan. The meme started trending on Twitter within minutes of it being uploaded, drawing several responses from people, such as curiosity, shock, and amusement.

The video attracted much attention, gaining 555,800 views and 2,900 likes in a few months. The first reaction on Twitter opened the door for the caricatures to spread across various social media sites.

Did the Yes King clip go viral on iFunny and TikTok?

TikTok, a well-liked website for short films, greatly aided the global dissemination of Yes King’s initial film on the Twitter meme. 

The perspective of the meme was rapidly understood by online viewers, who started making clips using the sound clip and slogan from the initial Twitter tweet.

The joke also made an appearance on the image-sharing website iFunny. 

The iFunny network enthusiastically participated in creating the meme, offering their analyses, reactions, and remixes, which added to the meme’s continuing popularity.

Who made Yes King How Good Is It Original Video popular?

@tajid, a well-known TikToker, helped the meme become more popular on social networking. During a month, their film, which featured the sounds and imaginative graphics of the meme, received more than 46,900 likes and 477,500 plays.

The additional engagement was sparked by this clip, thereby starting the social media tidal flow that catapulted the meme to prominence.

The clip was posted by InIncognitoTabs, a Reddit user, to the /r/thugsaucesthesequel subreddit, where it was upvoted almost 2,500 times in only twenty-five days.

How did the Yes King video meme get to Youtube, and what was its effect?

Yes King’s initial video’s Twitter trend moved to YouTube, which is well-known for supporting various video formats from the video-sharing application TikTok.

When the meme gained appeal, TikTok members started submitting their individual films to YouTube, increasing the meme’s exposure and bringing in a larger audience. It allowed the meme to establish its status as a staple of online popular culture and grow the number of its fans.

Content producers gave the meme an aesthetic component on Youtube by strengthening its funny and satirical elements with creative graphics. These imaginative revisions gave the meme new life and added another depth of fun for spectators.

Besides, the meme’s expansion above its initial framework revealed the community’s appreciation of meme creators’ adaptability and creativity.

What effect did Yes King’s footage have on the world?

When people remixed, reposted, and made individual versions of the Yes King initial footage meme, it became viral on YouTube and garnered an international following. The meme crossed barriers and resonated with individuals from various racial, cultural, and intellectual backgrounds.

This vast popularity cemented its prominence as a prominent meme among the larger YouTube audience.

Could that be the lasting legacy?

The ‘Yes King Exclusive Clip Twitter’ cliché has become ingrained in online culture and has captured users’ attention on Twitter, iFunny, YouTube, and TikTok. This meme is a good example of the strength of irony, comedy, and the interconnection of online communities due to its audacious origins and quick spread.

Its trajectory demonstrates internet culture’s dynamic development and popular content’s power to cross boundaries and enthrall viewers. The ‘Yes King Full Footage’ meme is proof of the attraction and pervasiveness of internet memes in the current social context.


No King, the viral phrase, has no facts accessible and can only be associated with Yes King’s video. The No King term must have originated from Yes King’s latest footage meme. Online users must be confused with the term and search for the opposite of Yes King, i.e., No King. 

Did you see Yes King’s latest video meme? Write your thoughts on such viral memes.

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No King Original Video Twitter: FAQs

Q1. What is No King’s original footage meme?

No facts are accessible for the No King’s footage meme.

Q2. Are No King and Yes King associated?


Q3. Who posted the Yes King’s footage meme on Twitter?

A well-known TikToker, @tajid

Q4. Who is featured in Yes King’s footage meme?

ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv

Q5. What are you doing in the viral footage meme?

ThickMuthaFukah and LoveAndLightTv can be seen in graphic action.

Q6. When was Yes King’s viral footage meme posted?

March 30, 2023

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