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Maikol Ascanio Y Vanessa Video Twitter: Check Full Content On Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, And Telegram

This research on Maikol Ascanio Y Vanessa Video Twitter will update the viewers on the remarks of Maikol on the cruelty done by Vanessa.

Did you watch the reaction of Maikol Ascanio? How did he react to the video of Vanessa? Many readers may not know the latest update on the viral video by Vanessa. However, this was one of the most cruel videos. Maikol Ascanio Y Vanessa Video Twitter started trending on several social media after Maikol Ascanio showed the true reaction to the acts of Vanessa. Today, we will cover or discuss the necessary details of this viral video Worldwide. So, if you do not know much about it, please read it below. 


Twitter Video Reaction Of Maikol Ascanio on Vanessa! 

As per online sources, Vanessa was a teen girl who had killed a dog brutally. People were upset by this behavior of Vanessa and criticized the girl for such a cheap thinking. Many social media influencers also reacted to the viral video of Vanessa. One of them was Maikol Ascanio. The video started trending on Telegram and other platforms. However, Maikol Ascanio being the influencer, and storyteller who covers all the latest updates and gives reviews on the famous updates, has also reacted to this viral video. He strictly opposed the actions of girls. Although she is too young, she has no right to kill or take the life of any creature. 

Maikol criticized Vanessa and also gave a speech on the need for the protection of animals. Moreover, he showed compassion and empathized with the little dog who lost his life without any reason. Vanessa’s current status is still a mystery to many as her current status is unknown.

Video Original Twitter

If you are not aware of the doings of Vanessa, then you should go through this section as it will cover the complete story of what Vanessa did.

Recently, a video went viral in which a girl can be seen killing a puppy brutally. In the video, she can be seen with a puppy to whom she tied with a rope. The puppy was full of blood and she shot the video. How cruel a human could be? As per the reports, it was believed that Vanessa, a teenager in a high school, bought that puppy recently. She shared some pictures on social media like Facebook. Later, on Tiktok and other channels, she shared a picture of killing the cute little puppy. Wasn’t it horrifying? 

A girl of only 15 or 16 can kill a puppy. It may sound weird and hard to digest but it was a true incident.

DISCLAIMER: The reports on the reaction of Maikol on what Vanessa had done have been taken from the online sites. We could not post the original video because of some terms and conditions, but you can search for the video on other social media sites. Also, consider our post only for informative purposes.

What did Maikol say about Vanessa’s act? 

In the video Viral On Reddit, Maikol Ascanio being an influencer tried to attract the focus of many of his fans toward the cruelty being done by people against animals. He admitted the case of Vanessa who killed a little puppy. He strongly opposed such things and favored the importance of protecting every creature. He had complete compassion and empathy with the puppy but he could not reverse the actions of Vanessa. He also talked about the consequences of this brutal act that could be faced by Vanessa. However, the status of Vanessa is still a mystery for many as there is no update on what investigation has been done.

Where is the video available?

Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, etc, are some of the famous online sites where such videos are present. However, these sites have put restrictions on disturbing content that can hamper the peace in society. So, you can check the video on other sites posting such content. 


Wrapping up this post here, we have written detailed information on the reaction of Maikol Ascanio to the acts of Vanessa. Not only Maikol, but other influencers also criticized the behavior of Vanessa. 

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Maikol Ascanio Y Vanessa Video Twitter: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Maikol Ascanio? 

Ans. As per online sites, Maikol Ascanio is an influencer, social media personality, and storyteller who covers the latest news on his account. 

Q2. What is the latest update on Maikol and Vanessa? 

Ans. Recently, Maikol reacted to cruelty of Vanessa towards a little puppy. 

Q3. How did Vanessa kill the puppy? 

Ans. As per online sites, she gave it a brutal death. It seems that she tortured the puppy. She tied it with a rope and stabbed it to death. The video showed the puppy was full of blood. 

Q4. Is the video accessible on Youtube? 

Ans. No, the video has been removed from the public platforms as such disturbing content cannot be posted without warning.

Q5. What is the age of Vanessa when she killed a puppy?

Ans. As per sources, this incident is recent and she is 15 or 16 years old.

Q6. Where is Vanessa currently? 

Ans. There is no update on the current status of Vanessa and it remains a mystery for many people. 

Q7. What investigation is going on in this case? 

Ans. As per online sources, there is no update if any investigation is going on this matter. The matter Maikol Ascanio Y Vanessa Video Twitter is again in the spotlight, so some action will be taken very soon.

Q8. What were the views of Maikol Ascanio? 

Ans. Maikol Ascanio strongly criticized the actions of Vanessa and he gave his views on the importance of protecting the animals and how properly they should be cared for and loved. It was an appreciable move by Maikol Ascanio and everyone praised it.

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