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New Viral Scandal February 2023: Which Feb 14 Video Is Trending On Social Media Networks? Check Now!

New Viral Scandal February 2023 write-up details videos that are getting popular in February 2023 among netizens.

Are you searching for videos that went viral in February 2023? The year 2023 started with indecent viral videos leaked on platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Some videos were leaked by close associates, while others were made viral to get public attention. 

February is no different, as the England rugby star is feeling the heat and impact of a viral video on his personal life. New Viral Scandal February 2023 has discussed some viral videos of February 2023 that are trending on the internet and attracting netizens in the Philippines.


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Viral Videos of February 2023:

A video of a college student with his girlfriend in a shower is getting viral among Filipino netizens. The video is titled New Student inside CR, and the couple can be seen in intimate positions. 

The Twitter account that posted this video has screenshots of the video, but no links to the original video are available. A fake video of princess Thea Mabangis also went viral in the country.

New Viral Feb 14 2023:

The celebrity video going viral is not new, but this time England rugby star was caught off guard. A video of Rugby star Joe Westerman with an unknown lady went viral on social media sites. The star was seen doing an indecent act with the girl in the video, which has repercussions on his life.

According to the news report, Westerman was thrown out of his house by his wife after she came across the viral video. The star later accepted that it was his video and that the girl in the video was his friend’s wife. He later apologized to the public for his indecent behavior. 

New Viral Feb 14 2023, is getting viral on social media sites with a different title. In a statement, Joe Westerman’s team, Castleford Tigers, said that “the team is aware of the viral video of forward players that are circulating online, and an internal inquiry is going into the incident. The team will not comment on it”.

Westerman’s Wife on the Viral Video:

The star has clarified that the woman in the video is not his wife but another woman. The star’s wife tweeted, “of course, it is not me in the video, and the father of three children must understand the impact of such video on a 15-year-old child”.

Social Media Reactions on New Viral Feb 14 2023 Video:

Some netizens feel that this issue is not against the law and is clearly between his wife and the star. There are around fifty comments on the thread posted two days ago in the super league community. Some are also seen asking the fans to make a new song in the given situation. 

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

The Westerman viral video has attracted the attention of both digital and print media. It is one of the viral videos of February 2023 that involves a big name and is legit. 

Have you seen the viral video of Rugby star Westerman? Please comment.

New Viral Scandal February 2023: FAQs

Q.1 Which viral video is getting popular in February 2023?

Joe Westerman’s viral video is getting popular among netizens.

Q.2 Is the video featuring Princess Thea Mabangis real?

No, the video featuring princess Thea Mabangis is fake.

Q.3 Who is the woman in the viral video of Rugby player Westerman?

The woman present in the viral video is a Westerman friend’s wife.

Q.4 How many appearances has Westerman made during his career?

Westerman has made 387 appearances during his career. 

Q.5 Which viral video is trending on Twitter and Reddit platforms?

New Viral Scandal February 2023 is trending on Twitter and Reddit platforms.

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