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Buffalo Shooting Video Reddit: Is It Still Getting Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter? Read Facts Here!

In this post, you will get to know further details about the Buffalo Shooting Video Reddit and why the case is currently in discussion on the internet.

Do you know about the Buffalo, New York massacre that happened last year? If not, we will try to briefly discuss the case briefings and the reason behind the massive shooting incident. This was one of the most viral videos of the last year, and people expressed their sorrow and grief over the massacre’s victims. The case is known by people Worldwide

Further, details of the incident and the new updates on the Buffalo Shooting Video Reddit are discussed below. Follow the blog for better guidance. 


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What is the Buffalo Mass shooting? 

On 14th May 2021, an 18-year-old boy, Payton Gedron, executed a well-planned shooting and live-streamed the whole Twitch incident. The shooting happened in Buffalo, New York, where 13 people were killed, including a police officer and a security guard. Payton drove around 300 km from his hometown to buffalo to kill as many black citizens as possible. 

Following the footage Viral On Reddit, upon entering the market, he shot four people inside three. Shortly after the video became viral and trending on social media platforms, Payton was arrested and pleaded guilty in November. Click on the link for more updates. 

What are the new updates on the case? 

At the end of the year-long trial, Payton was charged with ten first-degree murder charges and three attempted murder charges resulting in his life imprisonment as well as charges of illegal possession of a weapon. In addition, he purposely targeted the area where the black population was present. 

According to Instagram, Payton expressed that he had committed an extreme act motivated by his hate against black people. During the final trial, at the time of the hearing, a person rushed towards him intending to attack, but he was stopped in time, and the hearing was put on hold for some time before continuing the hearing. 

What are the public opinions upon the hearing? 

Many people were relieved that Gedron got the deserved punishment for his crimes, especially the victim’s family, whereas others complained about him not being given the death sentence. 

On the Tiktok platform, the deceased security guard’s wife said the black community is still grieving the loss. At the same time, the other victim’s family accused him of being a racist coward. 

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Final thoughts 

Payton is the first person in New York to be charged under domestic terrorism as it was a newly introduced law in 2020. Along with the murder charges, he was also found guilty of illegal possession of an AR-15 rifle. 

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Buffalo Shooting Video Reddit: FAQs

Q1. Who was the gunman in the Buffalo shooting? 

The massacre was executed by Payton Gendron, who pleaded guilty afterward. 

Q2. What was the motive for the shooting? 

Gendron said in his statement that the shooting was motivated by his hate against black people 

Q3. When did the last hearing of the case hold? 

As per Youtube, the final case hearing was held on 15th February 2023, sentencing him to life imprisonment.

Q4. How many people were killed in the mass shooting? 

A total of 13 people were dead, two white and the rest black. 

Q5. On which social media sites is the shooting video available? 

The footage can be accessed on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, etc. 

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