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Nancy Pelosi Husband Attacker: Find Who Attacked Nancy Pelosi Husband, How Old Is Nancy Pelosi and Her Husband, Also Check If David Depape TWITTER Account Reveals Anything!

This post on Nancy Pelosi Husband Attacker will help you to know about the attacker of Paul Pelosi. Kindly read it till the end.

Have you heard about Nancy Pelosi and the attack on her husband? The House Speaker of San Francisco suffered from Homicide and assault by a man. They were attacked and people Worldwide want to know about Nancy Pelosi Husband Attacker

This post will inform the readers about this attack and why did they suffer this attack. So, kindly read this post till the end and know. 


Who Attacked Nancy Pelosi’s Husband?

As per online sources, on October 28, 2022, an attacker, named David DePape, invaded the house of Nancy Pelosi and attacked Nancy’s husband, Paul Pelosi. The incident was reported on Friday at 2:30 a.m. to the local police. The attacker attacked him with a hammer. Paul and David struggled with each other during the fight and they both were injured and some injuries were reported. They both were taken to the hospital when the police reached.

Who Attacked Nancy Pelosis Husband?

As per sources, we got to know that David DePape attacked Paul Pelosi and forcefully entered the house of Nancy Pelosi, the house speaker of San Francisco. This 42-year-old man attacked the congresswoman’s husband with a hammer which led to serious injuries in his left arm. Then the police reached their house and disarmed the suspect. 

Paul tried to take the hammer from the attacker but they both scuffled with each other. As per reports, David demanded to look at Paul’s wife and threatened him for his life. The situation between the two worsened and even Paul suffered a fractured skull.

How Old Is Nancy Pelosi and Her Husband?

As per data published by online sources, Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul Pelosi are 82 years old. Nancy was born on March 26, 1940, while Paul Pelosi was born on April 15, 1940. Since both share the same birth year, so they both have the same age. But, according to the date of birth, Nancy Pelosi is twenty days older than Paul Pelosi. 

Why did David Attack Paul? 

According to our research, there is no clarification on the reason for this attack. When David invaded Nancy’s house, he was opposed by Paul. But he screamed, “Where Is Nancy” that shows he might be looking for Nancy. David Depape TWITTER account did not reveal any valuable data. But, there were some other people on Twitter who have put light on this matter and explained some facts on this homicide. 

We were unable to reach and explore David DePape’s official account as it was a private account. 

About Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Patricia Pelosi was born on March 26, 1940. She is a popular politician in the United States who is serving since 2019 as the speaker of the US House. She is the 52nd speaker of the house. Nowadays, she had been in the news as her house was attacked by a Berkeley man. Nancy Pelosi Husband Attacker is arrested and taken into custody by police officials.

She was born and brought up in Baltimore. Nancy completed her studies at Trinity College in Washington. She met with Paul Pelosi when they both were studying and tied the knot one year later after her graduation was completed.

About Paul Pelosi

Paul Francis Pelosi Sr. was born on April 15, 1940. He is a businessman and runs a real estate and consulting firm, Financial Leasing Services Inc. It is San Francisco-based firm. He also owns Sacramento Mountain Lions of the UFL. He completed his studies at Georgetown University. As per Nancy Pelosi Husband Attacker, he was attacked by David and is still under observation. He is recovering from his injuries. In this attack, he was brutally injured. But, he went through surgery for a fractured skull.

NOTE: We have acquired all details from internet sources and we are providing information based on the data published on online sources. So, kindly consider this post as informative content and do not take it personally. 


The readers can read more about Nancy Pelosi here. It will tell you about her life and career. 

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Nancy Pelosi Husband Attacker: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Nancy Pelosi?

Ans. Nancy Pelosi is a politician and serving since 2019 as the speaker of the US House. 

Q2. Who is Paul Pelosi?

Ans. Paul Pelosi is a businessman who runs leasing services and real estate consulting firms based in San Francisco.

Q3. What is the age of Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi?

Ans. Nancy and Paul Pelosi share the same birth year (1940). So, they have the same age that is 82 years old. However, Nancy is twenty days older than Paul Pelosi.

Q4. Who attacked Paul Pelosi?

Ans. As per our research on Nancy Pelosi Husband Attacker, he was attacked by David DePape. 

Q5. Was the culprit arrested?

Ans. Yes, the culprit, David DePape, has been taken into custody. He was arrested on the spot when the police officials reached Nancy’s house.

Q6. Is Paul Pelosi fine?

Ans. Paul Pelosi had suffered severe injuries on both of his hands and his left arm. He had a fracture on his skull also. His surgery on the skull is completed and he is still recovering from it.

Q7. Why did David attack Nancy’s house?

Ans. The reason has not been cleared yet. But, Nancy Pelosi Husband Attacker, David, demanded to see Nancy and screamed “Where is Nancy” when he entered the house.

Q8. When was this matter reported?

Ans. This incident took place on Friday, October 28, 2022, at 2:30 a.m. 

Q9. How did David attack Paul?

Ans. David attacked with a hammer leaving his skull and hands injured. 

Q10. Can it be a political attack?

Ans. We did not find any such details so the motive of this attack remains a mystery for all.

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