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Mywinningcode.Com Scam: Check Reviews Here

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere to know about Scam. Also, learn about its features and the nature of business.

The search for is trending in the United States as it offers thousands of dollars in prize money. Did you receive a code card from Did you win with the combination of codes mentioned on the card? What was the response of the team? 

Would you like to review if prizes are real? Is authentic? Let’s check all the facts about Scam to know the truth.


About redirects the users to Hence, the user is dealing with an I-frame (inline frame, a website in a website). offers automobile dealerships and runs various promotions to attract new customers. was found to be associated with 278 websites, including,,,,,, etc. Most websites require the customers to enter a winning code and use the same web page design and logo. 

At the same time, these websites dealt with,,,, Etc.

As a part of its promotional Reviews, mails a scratch card to random addresses/locations in the USA. The scratch card contains a picture of a car key with a combination of winning numbers. The users are instructed to scratch the numbers on the card, and it the combination of scratched numbers matches with the number on the key, the user wins thousands of dollars!

The scratch card mentioned entering the winning pin and the customer’s zip code on (or) calling a phone number. does not clarify if the user has won a certain amount. Instead, Scam lures and excites the users about great deals and requires the user to contact a dealership outlet personally.

The same information is given over the phone. A user review on social media states that the call is attended by a sales representative who makes all efforts to convince the user that they have won prize money and can obtain their check at the dealership outlet by presenting a scratch card and proof of address matching the zip code.

Once the user is tricked and visits the outlet, they can find many customers waiting for calming prize money of Scam. Once the address proof and scratch card are presented, the representative will recheck/verify the details to inform you that you won a spot/qualifier in their contest. The prize money ranges between $25 to $5,000.

The features of does not give information about the website owner, technical and administrative contacts, customer service email or contact number, usage terms, or privacy policy. is not blacklisted and uses a valid HTTPS protocol. It is a 13-years, 7-months, and 2-days old website expiring on 30th/October/2024.

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By now, it might be clear that “dealer apps” is the actual I-frame. Dealerapps is a marketing company for boosting sales. It offers text and SMS marketing, interactive voice recordings (IVR), lead tracking, campaign reports and analytics, online response forms, onsite registration, and live sales operators! Due to the nature of business, excellent trust and business scores, seems a legitimate marketing/promotional website.

Were Mywinningcode’s reviews informative? Please comment on this review. Scam – FAQ

1Q. Why is considered a scam?

Due to its marketing strategy of bringing customers to dealership outlets.

2Q. What are the scores of scams? gains 100% trust and business scores.

3Q. How much is the rating of

Customers did not rate Reddit had one negative review, and six website reviews were positive.

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