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[Update] Minx Twitch Twitter: Check Why And How Minx Twitch Is Trending, Also Explore Her Height, Age, Awards, And Instagram Post Details

This article on Minx Twitch Twitter has explained the controversy involving the Streamer Minx and Blaire.

Who is Justa Minx? Why is Minx trending on the internet? Do you follow her Instagram and Twitter? If you want to learn the details about the Minx Twitch Twitter, read this article carefully. People from the United States want to know about Minx. We will try to present all possible details on the trending topic here.


Why is Minx Trending on Twitter and Twitch?

As per sources, a Twitch streamer, a social media influencer, caught herself in trouble due to bad drinking habits. Recently, Streamer’s Award Show was held, and if there is an Award show, there must be an after-party. That after-party for Streamer’s award show was organized by Blaire, popularly known as ‘QTCInderella.’ JustaMinx, the influencer who ruined the party, conveniently blamed Epilepsy and Seizures for her bad behavior. 

Unfortunately, Blaire had to shut down the Awards after-party. As per her Statements, she suffered a hefty loss of $50000. Afterward, Minx and Blaire were involved in Twitter’s conversation, where they were seen arguing. But Blaire stood her point and called out JustaMinx for ruining everything because of her bad liquor consumption habits. 

More Details on Their Conversation 

The whole conversation started when Minx tweeted that she had seizures at the party and was struggling to remember what happened last night. Then some followers pointed out her drinking problems and that she had been in trouble for the same reasons. And then Blaire tweeted saying Minx broke her promise. 

She also shared a screenshot of her on Instagram and other social media platforms of her chat with Minx. In the chat, it was evident that Minx promised Blaire to show up sober at the party. She also claimed that Minx was drunk when she came to the party. When the argument got out of hand, and people started sympathizing with QTCInderella, Minx apologized to her and offered to pay for her loss. 

Details About JustaMinx

Name  Rebecca (according to the sources)
Stage Name Justa-Minx
Profession Twitch Streamer and an Influencer 
Birth Place Dublin, Ireland
Nationality Irish
Birthdate 3rd November 1996
Net-worth Around 1 million dollars
Education She is a graduate
Dream Profession She wanted to become a boxer.
Age 26 years (as of now)

 Social Media Links

She has more than a million followers, and she follows 220 people.

Minx has 1.6 million followers on Twitter. 


Social Media influencer Justa-Minx caused trouble because of her bad behavior after drinking at an After party at an award show. Because of her behavior and actions, the party organizer, Blaire, had to shut down the party, and she suffered a loss of $50,000. At last, Minx apologized and offered to pay for her loss. Click here to know more

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Updates on Why and How Minx Twitch is Trending: FAQs

Q1. Who is Justa-Minx?

A1. She is a Social-media celebrity and a famous streamer on Twitch. 

Q2. Why is she trending recently?

A2. As per sources, she was drunk and made a scene at the after-party of Streamer’s award show. And the party was shut down due to her. And after all of this, he blamed seizures for her behavior. 

Q3. Who organized the after-party?

A3. Another Twitch streamer, “QTCInderella,” organized the party.

Q4. What happened at last?

A4. Blaire ‘QTCInderella’ called out Minx for her behavior, and the argument escalated from there, but in the end, Minx accepted her mistake and offered to pay a $50,000 loss.

Q5. What are Minx’s Height and real name?

A5. Her name is Rebecca, but her height is unknown.

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