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Messenger Not Showing Photos iPhone: Check Information On Not Loading Pictures

Unlock Mysteries of Messenger Not Showing Photos iPhone glitches, Not Loading Pictures, and Cant See Photos in Messenger Maze to discover foolproof fixes.

Facebook Messages is a chat platform on Facebook. It enables Worldwide users to send text, photos, and videos. Messages can be sent to individuals or groups with encryption automatically applied for security. Let’s check latest technical issue of Messenger Not Showing Photos iPhone.

About Messenger Not Showing Photos iPhone:

Thousands of iOS users took to blogging forums and internet as Messenger was not showing pictures. Most users specifically reported issue that suddenly started on 12th/December/2023. Messenger was working fine until night of 11th/December/2023; users could access gallery, photos, Etc.

Not all iOS users have similar settings on all their iOS devices and Messenger. Pictures not showing up in Messenger could be due to various factors.

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Reasons for IPhone Messenger Not Showing Pictures:

  • Network Issues: A slow or unstable internet connection may prevent image loading.
  • Data saver mode: Though Messenger may have access to background data, mechanism of data saver mode prevents it from importing media.
  • Importing media options: Messenger offers option to import media only via Wi-Fi, over mobile data connection, or any network. If only Wi-Fi option is enabled, media won’t load when mobile data connection is on.

Reasons for IPhone Messenger Not Showing Pictures

  • Mobile data Status: Many users allow iOS devices to switch security settings and Wi-Fi use based on trusted locations. In such cases, Messenger Not Loading Photos, as mobile data gets switched off.
  • Permissions: Insufficient app permissions may lead to picture visibility issues.
  • Storage Full: Limited storage might hinder image retrieval and display.
  • Settings Configuration: Incorrect app or privacy settings can impact media visibility.
  • App Cache: A corrupted cache may affect image loading in Messenger. Several times, old settings are not updated due to an error.

Other secondary issues include:

  • App Version: Using an outdated Messenger version can cause display problems.
  • Server Problems: Facebook servers may experience temporary glitches.
  • Messenger Cant See Photos due to Device Compatibility: Check incompatibility with iPhone model or OS version.
  • Third-Party Interference: Check other apps interfering with Messenger functionality.
  • Account Issues: Problems with Facebook account linked to Messenger can cause image display troubles.


  • Check Internet Connection: Ensure stable and fast internet connection.
  • Update Messenger: Confirm you have latest Messenger version from App Store.
  • Free Up Storage: Remove unnecessary files to create more storage space.
  • Review Permissions: Verify Messenger has access to photos and gallery in your iPhone settings and through Messenger app.
  • Adjust Settings to rectify IPhone Messenger Not Showing Pictures: Review and adjust Messenger and privacy settings.


  • Clear App Cache: Clear Messenger cache in iPhone settings.
  • Restart App: Close and reopen Messenger to refresh application.
  • Reboot Device: Restart your iPhone to resolve any temporary glitches.
  • Check Servers Status: Confirm there are no widespread Facebook server issues.
  • Verify Compatibility: Ensure your iPhone model and iOS version are compatible.
  • Isolate Third-Party Apps: Identify and correct other app settings conflicting with Messenger, specifically permissions of anti-virus, firewall, VPN, and security apps.
  • Messenger Not Loading Photos Account Check: Confirm your Facebook account is in good standing.

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  • Facebook Messenger:The Complete Guide(Michael K Edwards).


To rectify intermittent internet connection, switch on Aeroplane mode and switch it off after at least 10-seconds. Initially, try Offload App option; if it doesn’t fix issue, then reinstall Messenger. If you have updated your password or logged in to Messenger using another device, re-login and complete security check-up steps and two-factor authentication on iOS device that is not showing pictures. 

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