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My Photo Shutdown Scam: What Is My Photo Stream on iPhone? Check Full Update Here

This research on the My Photo Shutdown Scam will update the readers on the latest update related to Photo Shutdown. Kindly read all the necessary details here.

Are you an iPhone user? Did you receive any mail from the iCloud? If yes, then you should read this post as there is the latest update on the same. Many people are wagging their tongues at the My Photo Shutdown Scam after they have received the mail. Many people in the United States are receiving such messages. So, we advise the readers to know about the latest update on the same. Please spend a few moments on this post. 


iCloud Photo Shutdown! 

As per online sources, many people who are iPhone users are receiving emails from iCloud in which they have been informed that photos uploaded in iCloud will be removed within 30 days. People are worried about this mail and scared of this. However, some iPhone users are claiming that it is a scam and the pictures will not be stopped uploading to iCloud storage.

What Is My Photo Stream on iPhone?

As per online sources, iPhone stores the pictures from your gallery in iCloud storage where they are kept safe. It also shows the My Photo Stream feature in which different pictures from memories are compiled together. Recently, some iPhone users are receiving emails from iCloud storage in which they are informed that the pictures will be stopped streaming on My Photo Stream. Does this update affect you? If you are concerned about your pictures, then this update might trouble you. This feature is praised by all iPhone users, but now the users are concerned about their pictures. It is hard to trust on My Photo Shutdown Scam and we recommend that users not trust this update as it could be fake. We will let you know what people think about this scam.

DISCLAIMER: People are being fooled the hackers. We provide the information after checking all the trusted online sources. So, the readers can trust the details shared here and take the necessary guidance. We do not blame the official company, but the hackers need to be blamed for fooling the people. 

Is This Feature A Scam?

Many users suggested that other iPhone users not trust this email and immediately report the email to the concerned authorities. My Photo Shutdown Scam suggested that the mail received by the users are not authentic. One should not believe in any rumors and trust fake emails from unauthorized sources. Users who have received the mail should not believe it. If there will be any latest update from the official Apple Site, then we will update our readers.

Does this feature save your pictures?

If you want to keep your pictures safe on your phone or library, then you can also store the pictures in iCloud storage. It keeps your picture secure for the long term. After the news on the My Photo Shutdown Scam, people are worried as it will be difficult for them to store the pictures in the Photo Stream feature. We advise everyone to stay tuned with us to get all updates related to this feature.


Summing up this post, we have shared all the important details on the Photo Shutdown update for iPhone users. The users should not trust any mail blindly and you should read this post properly to understand the authenticity of this update.

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My Photo Shutdown Scam: Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What is the My Photo Shutdown feature?

Ans. This feature allows the pictures to be uploaded in the My Photo Stream and it gets stored in the gallery. 

Q2. Is it important to save your pictures in the library?

Ans. If you are an iPhone user, then you should save your pictures in your library and it gets stored in iCloud if the backup option is on. 

Q3. What kind of emails are received by the users?

Ans. Many users are receiving emails from iCloud and the email informing them that the pictures will stop uploading in the iCloud storage from July 26. 

Q4. What Is My Photo Stream on iPhone?

Ans. This features stores the pictures in your library.

Q5. Will this feature shut down?

Ans. As per online sources, there is no official update from Apple. So, we can conclude that this feature is a scam.

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