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Megan Rose Hiatt Crime Scene Reddit: Who Is Megan Rose? Is She Still Alive? What Happened To Her In The Past? Find What Is In The Photos Reddit

In Megan Rose Hiatt Crime Scene Reddit, we will discuss what happened to her in the past, if she is still alive and more.

Have you heard about the case of triple murder and suicide in Jacksonville? Do you have any photos to share of the crime scene? People across the United States and Canada are searching for photos of the past incident.

Who is Megan Rose, and what happened to her in the past? Let us discuss and know what is there in Megan Rose Hiatt Crime Scene Reddit photos and more information through this post.


Who is Megan Rose Hiatt?

Who is Megan Rose Hiatt

Megan Rose Hiatt is a lone survivor of the Jacksonville triple murder and suicide incident. She was a mother of two kids and the daughter of Travis James Hiatt. Also, she had a relationship with her boyfriend, Gawain “Rush.” However, one day when Rose’s boyfriend was on duty, her father tried to take his whole family away from his boyfriend. But that day was like a horrible dream for the family. People said the crime scene photos were horrific, and for curiosity, they wanted to see the photos of that day.


Megan Rose Hiatt Photos are unsuitable for everyone, especially kids; the photos contain bloodshed. Therefore we suggest not reading the content in front of kids.

What happened in the past?

Megan’s boyfriend was on duty at NAS when she called to tell him she was leaving him. She thought it would be sufficient time to pack up and leave him forever.

But Rush Wilson reached before and made her watch how he killed her father. Moreover, he also shot the twins she held in her arms. When Wilson shot them five times in her arms, Hyden and Kayden were only five months old.

According to reports, after the rampage at his residence on South Shirley Oaks Drive, the shooter, Gawain Rushane Wilson, 28, shot and killed himself.

Is Megan Rose Hiatt alive?

People search for Megan Rose Hiatt Crime Scene Redditphotos, but is she alive? Megan Navy’s boyfriend was verbally assaulting and controlling, which is why her father planned an escape for the whole family. But unfortunately, this turned violent, leading to the killing of everyone. After this incident, Hiatt was taken to UF Health Jacksonville in a hurry.

She had seven bullets and almost died. But in one of the interviews, she mentioned that God saved her for a purpose. And that purpose is to help other women going through a similar situation.


Megan Rose Hiatt Photos are most searched on the internet, but this is a past incident where Megan lost her family in one of the incidents. On the other hand, Megan survived the whole incident and thanked God for saving her. You can check the Reddit query thread for the Hiatt Rush Wilson photos here

Do you have any images to share of this incident? Do attach them in the comment section below.

Megan Rose Hiatt Crime Scene Reddit- FAQs

Q1. Who is Megan Rose Hiatt?

Megan Rose Hiatt is a victim of the triple murder-suicide case in Jacksonville. 

Q2. Is she alive?

Yes, she alone survived this incident. 

Q3. What happened to her in the past?

With the help of her father, she tried to get rid of her boyfriend, who was assault and controlling in nature. But she could not escape, and his boyfriend killed everyone, including himself.

Q4. What are there in Photos Reddit?

The photos on Reddit and other social media showed how brutally they were murdered.

Q5. What was the name of the boyfriend of Megan Rose Hiatt?

His name was Gawain Rushane Wilson.

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