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Basics Find Site Legitimacy Facts Here Now!

Scrolling down the article, you will learn about the details of the online platform Basics and its legitimacy factors.

Have you heard about the Basics program website? Want to know more about it? Going through the post contents below, you will learn about the website details and why it is being discussed online among users. Every day a new site is registered online. It is essential to judge the website’s legitimacy and trustworthiness by being connected with the website. is discussed in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and India. Hence, we will research the legitimacy of Basics and several other site factors. Follow the article to find out more details. 


Disclaimer: This post does not promote any programs or links. This post is purely for informative purposes. We did not find any Twitter links to the website.


It is said to be a type of product tester site for amazon application products. Product testers are platforms that test the products of the websites. Products are made available to them at a discounted rate but not for free. They are not paid also. You can use referral links for further guidance. 

Are Basics a scam? 

  • Website creation date: The website was created on 27th March 2023.
  • Expiration date: It is due to expire on 27th March 2024.
  • Trust index: The trust index is 48.4%, which is an average score.
  • Threat profile: 31/100
  • Malware score: 11/100
  • Proximity to suspicious websites: 18/100.
  • Spam score: 31 out of 100.
  • Phishing score: 18/100.
  • Social media handles: The site is not active on social media.
  • Reviews: No legit sources provide the reviews. 
  • Alexa Ranking: The popularity ranking is zero. 

After analysing the above trustworthiness factors of the portal of Basics, we find the portal very suspicious and doubtful. Read the specific details and reviews to determine the legitimacy. 

Advantages of the website 

  • The website is not found as a blacklisting site by the blacklisting search engines.
  • Valid SSL certificate.

Disadvantages of the website 

  • The HTTP connection is not found. 
  • No contact details or other policy information is mentioned.
  • No social media presence is found. 
  • Apart from YouTube videos, reviews have yet to be found. 
  • The developers also hide the owner’s components. 
  • The popularity ranking is zero. 

What are the reviews about the portal? 

We have discovered a limited number of reviews about Basics One of the most important factors about the website is the reviews, and there are next to zero reviews available. 

Specifications of the online store 

  • Official link:
  • Website Name:
  • Contact number: Not found. 
  • Address: Unknown. 
  • Policies: The official page does not include info about the site’s policies. 

Social media links 

Final Thoughts 

That website is not legit at all. Buyers are advised to opt for other legit platforms for a better experience. 

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Basics program.comFAQs

Q1. What is

As per the sources, it is a products tester site for amazon products. 

Q2. What are the terms and conditions of the online portal? 

The information regarding the terms and conditions should be mentioned. 

Q3. Under what niche and sector, is the site registered? is registered under the rewards sector of the products sector niche of the e-commerce industry. 

Q4. What are the services offered by the portal? 

The online website offers reviews of the products of the amazon platform at low prices. 

Q5. Is Basics legit or fake?

It is a fake portal judging from the available information, such as low trust index, short life expectancy and non-availability of reviews. 

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