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Matthew Nilo Linkedin: Who Is Matthew Nilo? What Are The Charges On Attorney Matthew Nilo? Also Explore Details On His Fiance, Reddit, And TwitterAccount

Matthew Nilo LinkedIn will discuss what happened to him and why people are talking about his arrest.

What is the trending news about Attorney Matthew Nilo? What was he accused of, and why he appears in court? What charges were implemented on him?

The news of Nilo’s arrest broke on the internet, and people, especially in the United States, wanted more information about him. We have discussed Matthew Nilo LinkedIn through this post.


What is the latest news?

According to the latest news, the FBI and Boston police arrested corporate lawyer Matthew Nilo, 35, on Tuesday outside his Weehawken, New Jersey property. On Tuesday, he was taken into custody without any issue outside of his apartment building.

According to Nilo’s lawyer, Jeffrey Garrigan, “He agreed to waive his rights, be extradited, and get up there as quickly as possible.” He will submit a plea of not guilty, and his lawyer will handle the rest. He will be fighting the charges.

What are the charges on Attorney Matthew Nilo?

Nilo appeared in court to waive extradition after he was charged with several crimes in Charlestown. Nilo is accused of assaulting four women in the Charlestown Terminal Street area in 2007 and 2008, according to Boston police and the FBI. As per sources, among these, three counts of aggravated physically harash, two counts of kidnapping, one case of attempted assault, and one of indecent assault and battery have been brought against Nilo.

As this news broke on Twitter, how the FBI identified Nilo was discussed, and later, it was known that the FBI employed Investigative genetic genealogy to identify Nilo. Boston police linked the physically harash in 2008, but the attacker’s identity was never revealed. The victims had been picked up downtown but were attacked, according to the Police at the time. Upon asking his Fiance on Wednesday, she declined to say anything about this matter.


Until not proven by judicial procedure, we are not making any allegation and holding him responsible for the charges mentioned above. The news about Nilo is taken from online news media and internet sources like Reddit.

Who is Matthew Nilo?

Born and grown up in North End, Matthew Nilo is a Cyber attorney. He attended Boston Latin School and finished his Bachelor of Sciences Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006-2010. He immediately started working in a Boston Law firm from 2010-2012. Nilo then attended the University of San Fransisco School of Law 2012-2015 for Juris Doctorate Law. Matthew Nilo LinkedIn stated he worked for five years for Clyde & Co till 2019. In 2019, he joined Atheria Law and worked there till November 2022. Since Jan 2023, he has been working as Cyber Claims Counsel at Cowbell, NYC.


We have discussed the most highlighted case of Matthew Nilo, in which various charges were made against him. All charges were from the fifteen years old four cases of 2007 to 2008. The case is now moved to court, and let us wait for the judgment day for any further comment on this. Here is the LinkedIn of Matthew Nilo.

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Matthew Nilo LinkedIn- FAQs

Q1. Who is Matthew Nilo?

Matthew Nilo is a 35-year-old Cyber Claims Counsel working for Cowbell, NYC.

Q2. When was Matthew Nilo arrested?

He was attested on May 30, Tuesday from his residential apartment.

Q3. Was he connected with the case?

He is taken in custody on suspicion of various crimes he committed 15 years earlier.

Q4. Is Nilo married?

We do not have any information about his Wedding Day and cannot say anything about his personal life.

Q5. What the investigation report of 2008 showed?

According to the investigation report of 2008, the Police took the attacker into custody but did not reveal his identity at that time.

Q6. On what basis arrest were made on Tuesday?

The FBI employed investigative genetic genealogy to identify Nilo, one Facebook news report suggests.

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