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Dr Zachary Okhah Reviews: Is Dr Zachary Okhah Board Deaths Certified? Was He Involve in Malpractice? Reveal Facts Now!

In the article, we will find Dr Zachary Okhah Reviews and his latest involvement in the controversy over the death of a celebrity.

What is the cause of Jacklin Smith’s death? Why are people trolling Doctor Jack Okhah on social media? Recently the death of famous social media influencer and former member of Wild N Out, Jacky Oh, died due to a heart attack. Many rumours are spreading that her plastic surgeon is involved in his death. 

People of the United States want clarity on the mystery of death and want to know the public review on the doctor. Therefore let’s check out Zachary Okhah Reviews and what people say about his work.


Reviews on Healthgrades

The reviews and ratings about doctor Zachary Okhah are available on He is known for cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery and is a specialist doctor with an MD degree. Dr. Zachary got almost negligible reviews on the official website, but people share negative feedback on Multiple people on are utterly disappointed by the surgery.

Besides reviews, if you check the website, you can find 1.6 ratings in which 86% of people didn’t appreciate his work. However, lots of people him take surgeon and questioning his medical practice

Dr Zachary Okhah Deaths 

The death of celebrity and social media content creator Jacky Oh shook everyone. People are questioning the main reason behind the death of Jacky. However, the medical report says she died from a heart attack, but a friend of Jacky shared a post on Twitter about her death.

The account named @CosmeticLane claims that he was undergoing the surgery of Mommy Makeover. She’s claiming Dr. Zach for his death as he went to Jackie before the day of her death. Additionally, she also claims that he was making unprofessional surgeries which resulted in disruption in the body. 

Is Dr Zachary Okhah Board Certified

People are surprised by the sudden death of Jacky Oh and question whether the doctor is even certified to practise surgeries. The official government website of the Florida health department Clears the medical licence of Dr. Zach. According to the status, he is currently active and performing multiple plastic surgery and other treatments.

However, people do not believe in the pact the doctor is legit as he has very poor reviews and recent cases of death. There is no clarification in the medical report that Dr. Zach’s surgery led to the death of Jacky Oh. 

Dr Zachary Okhah Malpractice 

Many reviews comment that Doctor Zachery is not worthy to practise plastic surgeries—lots of comments about his malpractice and fake licence. Overall, people are upset by the death of a grown-up girl due to plastic surgery.

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Final Verdict 

The death of social media celebrity Jacklyn Smith created a blunder on social media. The close one of Jacky blames Dr. Zach for her death. Therefore, people are watching Dr. Zach’s profile and reviews on the official website and other domains.

Would you trust a doctor with such a low rating and poor customer reviews? Comment below.

Dr Zachary Okhah Reviews: FAQs

Q1 What is the age of Dr. Zach?

He is 36 years old

Q2 Is there any proof that Jacky was undergoing medical surgery by Dr. Zach?

There is a post-surgery picture of Dr. Zach and Jacky on social media.

Q3 What is the address of Dr. Zack’s Clinic?

2310 S DIXIE HWY Miami, FL 33133.

Q4 How many followers does Dr. Zach have on his Instagram account?

He has 85.8k followers on his official Instagram account.

Q5 How many cases of Dr Zachary Okhah Deaths are reported?

Jacky’s recent case is the only one that has gone viral in public.

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