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Maine Mass Shooting Update: Read Details On Suspect, Footage Or Video Reddit, Robert Card!

Catch on Maine Mass Shooting Update and check its Footage. Read to know about a Robert Carda main Suspect arrest. Know the existence of Video Reddit.

Is the world more and more worried about mass shootings? The recent Maine Mass Shooting shows that the problem of such tragic shootings has become a concern for all nations, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom

The tragic events have sparked worldwide alarm, which urges us to discuss the Maine Mass Shooting Update. Read down for all the details relating to this report.

Details on Maine Mass Shooting Update

A massive shooting started on 25th October 2023 at 7:00 pm in Lewiston, Maine. The manhunt is proceeding towards its second day now. To confirm safety, the police have instructed the community to stay indoors. 

The widespread search for the suspect is a reply to a major mass shooting that intensely affected the public. Law enforcement agencies intensively search for Robert Card, a 40-year-old Army reservist, a prime Maine Mass Shooting Suspect.

The latest update on Robert Card’s arrest

As per the latest reports on Thursday night, law enforcement officers circled a residence in Bowdoin, which is situated approximately a 20-minute drive from Lewiston, the location of the deadly shootings. 

They executed search warrants at this residence. During the operation, residents reported hearing loud noises, and police officers were repeatedly heard over a megaphone, calling on Robert Card to surrender peacefully.

Even after extensive searching and a significant police presence, the suspect, Maine Mass Shooting Robert Card, successfully escaped from capture, leaving law enforcement agencies to continue the hunt for him. The Maine Department mentions that officers attentively continue to pursue every lead in their persistent efforts to locate Robert Card.

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More on Maine Mass Shooting Footage  

The footage continues to circulate in the media. It is harsh and disturbing. We have jotted down some events that were captured from the footage.

  • The shooting spree started at Lewiston bowling alley around 7:00 PM.
  • The initial attack resulted in the deaths of one woman and six men, as reported in the Maine Shooting Video Reddit video.
  • Quickly, additional gunfire occurred at Schemengees Bar & Grille.
  • Tragically, eight more men lost their lives in the second attack.
  • Sixteen injured individuals were swiftly taken to local hospitals.
  • Later, three of the injured individuals tragically succumbed to their wounds.

Impact of Maine Mass Shooting Robert Card

  • Lewiston and nearby towns are under a “shelter in place” rule, leading to school and business closures.
  • The tragic event has had a profound and widespread impact on the community, particularly local businesses.
  • Residents are strongly advised to remain indoors, with police actively patrolling the streets.
  • In response to the Maine Mass Shooting Footage tragedy, President Joe Biden has ordered flags to be lowered and called for stricter gun safety laws.


At least 16 killed in Maine shootings
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In conclusion, the Maine Mass shooting sheds light on the ongoing rise of death tolls in Maine. The chase for Robert Card continues. Heartbreaking videos from the incident have circulated, strengthening the urgency to address gun violence. 

Several details have been shared, but many disturbing videos have been removed from the media.

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