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[Updated] Vaughan Condo Shooting Reddit: Who Is The Suspect In Mass Shooting? Check Cctv Footage, And Video Details From The Francesco Villi Facebook Account!

This post on Vaughan Condo Shooting Reddit will give you information on the mass shooting held at the Condominium building.

Have you read the latest news of the Vaughan Condo shooting? Who is the suspect in the shooting and how many people died during the shooting? We know all these questions might be troubling you on Vaughan Condo Shooting Reddit. This matter has become so popular in the United States and Canada that people are continuously searching for it. We will discuss everything like the reason for this shooting and the people who died during the shooting. So, keep reading this post. 

Shooting at Vaughan Condo Building

On Sunday night, police reached Condo Building where an old man (73 years ) shot five people. Out of 5, three people who died belonged to the same building. On the other hand, the suspect also lived in the same building. As per Reddit Sources, this building was facing some legal disputes for a very long time with the condominium board.

DISCLAIMER: The footage of the scenario has not been provided. However, if it is published then also we cannot share it on our page as it is quite disturbing.

Who is the suspect in the Mass Shooting?

As per online sources, Francesco Villi is the real culprit for shooting innocent people. He is a member and a resident of the same building. He had been facing many legal actions because many residents of the building had registered a complaint against him for violating the condominium board rules and sharing negative posts on his social media about this building. 

The Vaughan Condo apartment is already facing some legal problems and the documents of the building had to appear before the court the next day. But, this incident changed the direction of the matter and five innocent people were killed. 

Has The Suspect Surrendered?

The police reached the crime scene and they arrested Villi as he was the main culprit. As per online sources, during an interaction, police shot the suspect. Thus, he was also killed. According to the police officials, Francesco used a semi-automatic revolver. His neighbors confirmed that the man used to live in the same building for 10 years and had been making objectionable videos on the building. He was the resident on the first floor of that building.

Social Media Appearance

Francesco Villi is available on Facebook. He is now popular on Facebook as everyone is trying to know about him. He has shared a Video on his account. One can watch the type of videos he used to share. Moreover, he is no more as he was shot by the police.  Link Of Facebook Account 


Summing up this post, the readers can listen and watch the news on Vaughan Condo Building here. 

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Cctv Footage of Vaughan Condo Building: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who was the suspect in the shooting at the Condominium building?

Ans. As per online sources, Francesco Villi, a 73-year-old man, was the suspect in the mass shooting held at the building.

  1. How many people were killed in the shooting? 

Ans. Five people were shot in the shooting. 

  1. Was Francesco the resident of the same building?

Ans. Yes, his neighbors confirmed that he had been living on the first floor of the building for 10 years. 

  1. Is Francesco available on Facebook?

Ans. Yes, we have found the appearance of Francesco Villi Facebook. He had shared several videos that were shot on the balcony of the building.

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