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Maguad Siblings Reddit: Check Who Is Suspect In Killing Case, Also Find If Actual Dead Body Pic Still Available Online

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Do you want to know about Maguad Siblings? Are you eager to know about what happened to them? If so, read the article till the end. The news of the murder of the Maguad siblings has spread across Philippines and Malaysia. People are discussing the killing.

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What Happened to Maguad Siblings?   

Maguad’s siblings had to face the consequence of brutal killing. They were 18 and 16 years old. Their parents were away from the house. One hammer and bat were found inside the house, which was used to kill them. The deceased siblings have one more sibling adopted by their parents in 2021. She is the witness to the killing of her siblings. She said that three people came to the house and attacked them. The girl stated that they attacked her siblings with a hammer and bat. The Picture of the crime scene has gone viral.

How Did the Adopted Girl Save Herself?

When the adopted girl noticed three people coming to their house, she hid and locked the door. She is under the supervision of the municipal social welfare office. But some people think that she may also be the new Suspect. She knew the place where their father kept the hammer and bat. The hammer was hidden in the laundry area. Their daughter and the adopted girl were aware of the location. The bat was also kept in the room of their son. These things have made her a suspect.

Dead Body of the Siblings

The photo of the dead bodies has gone viral. The actual images of the crime scene have leaked, and people are discussing it. As per sources, Capslockfaren has been guilty of spreading the video. He has also been suspended from Twitter for violating the platform’s policy. He directly uploaded sensitive pictures of the crime scene. It has still been a mystery even after getting the clue of three men. The police have not found the prime Suspect yet. An investigation has been carried out to find out the main culprit. People also eagerly await the culprit after the Actual Pic becomes viral.

About the Family

There are not many details about the family. There were siblings, of whom two have died. Her parents adopted one orphan girl, who saved herself from the attack. Such an incident is condemnable. Strict punishments should be imposed upon such criminals. People should be aware of their children when they leave them alone. They should report to the police even if there is a little suspect of something. People should never ignore anything they find awkward about anything. The general public should also come forward to prevent such crimes by helping to find the Suspect.

The authorities should formulate strict laws to prevent such crimes. Every life is precious, and everyone should be protected. Furthermore, everyone has the right to lead a peaceful and secure life. Therefore, the authorities have the responsibilities to provide security to the citizens.


Everyone should be careful and take proper security measures. Unless you become careful yourself, no one can save you. Take the help of the authorities and lead a secure life. If you have children or teenagers at home, you should always be extra careful. To know more, please visit the link 

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Q1. How old were the deceased siblings?

18 and 16 years old.

Q2. How many siblings were in the house?


Q3. Who was able to save the killer?

The adopted girl.

Q4. What was used to kill?

Hammer and bat.

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