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Councilman Devyn Keith of Huntsville

Devyn Keith, a councilor (member of the city council) of Huntsville City, was arrested for theft at Walmart on February 2nd, 2023. Following this incident, the news about him spread like wildfire and became the subject of conversation. 

His family feels ashamed of him and the general public as a result of this episode. In a Facebook post, the District 1 councilor claimed that he is suspected of stealing a $20 pair of goods.

Who are Devyn Keith and Devyn keith Wife?

  • Devyn Keith, a councilman for the city of Huntsville, was chosen in August 2020 to serve a second term on the council. Keith serves as the representative for District 1, which includes Alabama A&M University and much of northern Huntsville, extending into the city center.
  • Keith was born and grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, and is a proud member of the city’s extensive community network.
  • There is no clear information regarding his marriage because he rarely updates his social media accounts with family-related information.

Specifics regarding this incident and the inquiry

  • The Huntsville city councilman devyn Keith is taken into custody for theft. “Yesterday, after making purchases at Walmart’s self-checkout, I left the shop with a $20 pair of electrical devices in my trolley that I did not pay for,” said Devyn Keith. “
  • Police have detained him in connection with this occurrence and are looking into whether it was done on purpose or accidentally.
  • He also remarked that he is not capable of making such errors. I am aware of my superiority in this.

The level of interest is so strong that some people started looking for Devyn Keith Married status online. 

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We may conclude from this post that this is a highly inappropriate incident, both for the person who committed it and for the people of Huntsville City, whose council member was arrested for theft at Walmart. 

If he were a member of your city council, how would you respond? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Huntsville City Devyn Keith: FAQs 

Q1. What allegations did the police make against him following this event?

He is detained on fourth-degree stealing of property charges, which pertain to thefts of $500 or less in value.

Q2. What is Devyn Keith’s age?

According to inmate data from Madison County jail, he is 34.

Q3. When did Devyn Keith become a member of the council?

He claimed that he had been a council member since 2016, having joined at a relatively early age.

Q4. Where exactly did this incident take place?

Walmart is located at 6140 University Drive.

Q5. Which electrical device did he smuggle out of Walmart?

A $20 set of earphones.

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