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Lucian Brownlee Ibn Williams Video: What Content Went Viral On Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit & Telegram Handles? Checkout Here!

Follow the below article to find out facts about Lucian Brownlee Ibn Williams Video went viral on social media like Twitter.

Do you love to watch basketball matches? Do you know what happened to the Coppin State Basketball team? Nowadays, scandal videos have become a trend. People take advantage of other people and make it viral.

The same thing happened in the United States also. A basketball coach blackmails a former player for something inappropriate. To know what exactly happened people continuously searched for the Lucian Brownlee Ibn Williams Video.


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Which video is now trending on the internet?

Recently, a former Coppin State University basket player, Ibn Williams, filed a complaint against an assistant basketball coach, Lucian Brownlee. Lucian Brownlee pretended to be a female over the internet and tried to manipulate Ibn Williams.

Lucian asked for nude photographs and videos from Williams. This news went Viral On Twitter and other social media platforms. Lucian sent him racy texts and convinced him to send nude photographs to make sure that Lucian is a female.

But when Williams refused to send more nude images, Lucian blackmailed him into videotaping a physical encounter before making those photos viral.


Which video is now trending on the internet

What was the reaction of ordinary people?

Many Tiktok users made videos on this matter. Whether a group of people made fun of this case, other groups of people supported Williams. You can identify both positive and negative comments if you check our “Social Media Links” section.

Do Lucian Brownlee and Ibn Williams have accounts on Instagram?

After analyzing Instagram carefully, we could not find any accounts of Lucian Brownlee and Ibn Williams. But Coppin State Men’s Basketball has an account on Instagram where they only post about basketball matches.

Is the viral video of Ibn Williams still available on Reddit?

Many websites deleted the video as it contains explicit content. But many Reddit users claim that they have the original video. They provide a link in their comments to circulate the video. But when you click on the link, the page will redirect you to another page.

Not only on Reddit but also Telegram, the same thing happened. No one has the original video, but they are claiming that they have it.

Coppin State Basketball wiki:

Team Name Coppin State Eagles Men’s Basketball
Nickname Eagles
Head Coach Juan Dixon
Location Baltimore, Maryland
University Name Coppin State University
Colors Gold and Blue
Notable Former Players Joe Brown

Fred Warrick

Larry Stewart

Joe Pace

Conference MEAC

Social Media Links:




Summing Up:

Juan Dixon, the head coach of the Coppin State Basketball team, did not support Ibn Williams in this matter. Ibn Williams reported that Juan supported Lucian and he did not take any appropriate action against Lucian Brownlee. Click here to watch the YouTube video of Juan Dixon taking the side of Lucian Brownlee.

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Lucian Brownlee Ibn Williams Video- FAQs:

Q.1 When did the incident happen?

Ans. November 2022.

Q.2 Did Coppin State University support Ibn Williams?

Ans. No. Not only Coppin State University but also the head coach, Juan Dixon, did not support Ibn Williams.

Q.3 Who is the main culprit behind this hideous crime?

Ans. Assistant basketball coach Lucian Brownlee is the main culprit.

Q.4 Did Lucian Brownlee blackmail Ibn Williams?

Ans. Yes.

Q.5 How old is Ibn Williams?

Ans. He is twenty-two years old.

Q.6 Did Lucian Brownlee pretend to be a female while chatting with Ibn Williams over the internet?

Ans. Yes.

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