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Death Dd Osama: Did Dd Osama Die? Is There Any Death Video Of Him? Also Check His Phone Number, Birthday, Age Details Here!

The article on Death Dd Osama listed all the facts about the young rapper and his brother. Please read below.

Who is DD Osama? Do you know about his brother? What happened to him recently? If you want to know all the details about the topic of Death Dd Osama, then read this article carefully. 

People from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany want to know about this young rapper. Also, the reason why he is tending to social media. We will find out with the help of this write-up. 


Why Is DD Osama Trending?

Recently on Twitter a death rumor about young rapper, DD Osama, has been circulated. Fortunately, he is alive. He is just 15 years old, he started rapping at a very young age, and now he is very well-known in the industry. His famous “Dead opps” project was released in July 2022, and it crossed 9 million views on YouTube. 

His Real Name is David Reyes. In July 2022, his younger brother Notti Osama was stabbed to death by an opponent. His brother was also a drill rapper, and both brothers used to make videos together. 

More Details On Notti Osama

Ethan Reyes, popularly known as Notti Osama, was a 14-year-old drill rapper. He was stabbed by some of his opponents in a subway station. Later he was admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

His elder brother DD Osama paid tribute to his brother and shared some emotional messages. The accused in this case has been arrested and charged with Manslaughter. The Death Video of Notti was in trend after his death. It was CCTV footage. The real reason behind the fight was not revealed. A 15- year- old boy is the accused, surrounded by those who were with DD Osama but later, in a scuffle to flee, and he stabbed Ethan.  

What Is Drill Rapping?

This is a type of rapping where a person makes fun of their opponent. One can also use harsh words or language to taunt the rival rapper. Police stated that drill rapping might have been the reason behind the fight.

Personal Details Of DD Osama (Birthday, Nationality, and Real Age)

David Reyes was born on 29th November 2006 in Manhattan City. His stage name is DD Osama; he is a popular rapper with title tracks such as; Dead Opps, Without You, and 40s N9s. He posts his work on his YouTube account. His nationality is American, but his religious beliefs are unknown. 

He had a younger sibling named Ethan Reyes, who died in July 2022. Notti Osama was Ethan’s stage name and both the brothers worked together. Details such as his Phone Number are not known. 

Social Media Accounts Of DD Osama

His Instagram account is private, and he has 7,775 followers. 

He has Sixteen thousand, followers on Twitter. 

  • Facebook: Noofficial account found.

Note: The details of incidents were collected through different internet. 


This article presented the details about a rapper DD Osama and his younger brother Notti Osama who died recently. David, also known as DD, is a drill rapper; click here and know more about drill music

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Updates on Did Dd Osama Die: FAQs

Q1. Is DD Osama Alive?

Yes, DD Osama is alive.

Q2. Who is DD Osama Brother?

Notti Osama was DD Osama’s brother.

Q3. What was Notti Osama’s death date?

Notti died on 9th July 2022 as a rival stabbed him.

Q4. Is there any death video of Notti Osama?

Yes, the incident when Notti was stabbed to death was recorded by a CCTV camera. 

Q5. How old is DD Osama?

David, popularly known as DD Osama’s Age, is 15 years.

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