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Luchitoapk Com: Explore The Features And Legitimacy Of Luchito Apk com Juego H

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Juego H and Luchitoapk com to know its features and authenticity.

Last decade, due to growing popularity of video games and virtual reality, it was anticipated that graphics and role-playing grownup games would be developed in feature. Grownup people were looking for more serious games, including soccer, volleyball, games with grownup content, and battle involving girls! 

Juego H became popular in Bolivia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Mexico due to grownup concept of game. Would you like to know about Luchitoapk com hosting game?


The features of is young website hosting unauthorized Android applications and games. 

The identity and contact of Luchitoapk’s owner are hidden using services of 

Luchitoapk’s customer service uses generic and free email service – Further, it can be reached on Telegram and TikTok (links below). Luchitoapk’s privacy and cookie policies were found plagiarized. uses secured HTTPS protocol, and its IP has Low Domain Validated SSL Certificate for next 36 days. Its servers are based in USA with server serial numbers 912b084acf0c18a753f6d62e25a75f5a and 4001772137d4e942b8ee76aa3c640ab7 targeting and

About Luchito Apk com Juego H: allows users to import Android apps and games from an unauthorized third-party website – .APK files are compressed in .zip folder, which can be imported as single file and later extracted in users mobile for installation. featured 140+ games and 40+ apps under category of:

  • Action,
  • Adventure,
  • Arcade,
  • Casual,
  • Puzzle,
  • Racing,
  • Role Playing,
  • Simulation,
  • Sports,
  • Strategy,
  • Terror,
  • Deportes,
  • Entertainment,
  • Music,
  • Personalization,
  • Photography,
  • Tools,
  • Video Players, and
  • Editors.

Juego H has 7+ editions available on 

  • H3
  • H1 W.G.W.Y
  • Tentacle PP
  • Lear T. Hear
  • Back Tales
  • Bulma Aventure 2023 ultimate version, and
  • Sonia virtual at Luchitoapk com

Disclaimer: information provided in this write-up is for information purposes only. We do not support grownup content in any form. 

Juego H is an 18+ years/grownup game featuring 100+ cartoon characters with voice of famous media personalities. Japanese company developed Juego H. player can touch, date, undress, interact, enter into battle, and give gifts to girls in game. Game posts are trending on TikTok with more than 1432+ views!

The Legitimacy of was registered on 31st October 2023 in Phoenix, AZ, USA. Luchitoapk website is four months and fourteen days old. Luchitoapk com has short life expectancy, expiring within seven months and nineteen days. Website was last updated on 12th December 2022, suggesting business continuity. achieved an average trust score of 77%, Domain ranking of terrible 1%, below-average business score of 47.6%, Zero Alexa rank, 32% suspicion, 2% threat, 1% phishing, 2% malware, and 1% spam scores. is not blacklisted, but its server hosts several low-rated websites. 

Server Central Network from USA is its ISP. Luchitoapk has terrible 62% D-Performance grade with page load time of 16.05 seconds, which is considered very slow.

Social media links for Luchitoapk com:

Conclusion: included several games featured on Google Play Store, but due to age and regional restrictions, such grownup games were NOT offered to be imported by play store in several countries. Hence, people accessed to import restricted apps and games. Google does NOT authorize to provide links for importing Android games. Hence, seems illegitimate.

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Luchitoapk com – FAQ

1Q. Why is Juego H not accessible?

As per @luchitoapk Telegram group, page was restricted due to high traffic.

2Q. Is Juego H available on Google Play?

Yes, version – Attack on Time:Kaisen of girls is available on Google Play only in few countries.

3Q. How much is visitor count of

An average 521 visitors/month, considered low.

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