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Lord Token ICO {March} Contract Address, How To Buy?

Read about Lord Token ICO to know about its market, price trends, and the latest announcement about ICOthat begins tomorrow.

The Lord Token has gained the attention of cryptocurrency investors from Spain, France, and India. It is because the LTT team had announced a Twitter giveaway three days back. The team plans to give $30K worth of NFT, for which LTT had partnered with more than fifteen projects. 

It is the second giveaway to the LTT stakeholders. The stakeholders need to like the Tweet and share it to start participation. Let us check the facts about Lord Token ICO below.

What is LTT?

LTT is ticker of LordToken ICO. LTT was launched on mainnet on 25th January 2022. There were 2 billion LTT created at genesis. LTT will give exclusive access to several services such as Launchpad.

LTT aims at making the token sovereign. LTT makes investments accessible to everyone. LTT will enable the Lord Token ecosystem to implement airdrops to feed membership programs and simplify carrying-on burn operations.

How does LTT works?

  • LTT is a utility token used for creating levels to calculate discounts
  • LTT will enable automated trading to save social trading costs
  • LTT will be used to reward high-performing stakeholders

Founders of Lord Token ICO:

  • François Denis and Nicolas Lefortier are the founders of LTT. 
  • François is the head of FD Conseil. François is a High Yield Investment Expert, Blockchain Expert, Author, Speaker, Engineer, and investor. 
  • Nicolas is an HEC graduate, Strategist, Serial-Entrepreneur, and Investor. He also heads a team of one hundred people. 

LTT Price stats:

  • LordToken Price — $12,747.51
  • LordToken Price in BTC — 0.3305, ↓0.35%
  • LordToken Price in ETH — 5.0095, ↑0.72%

LordToken Price History:

  • Price Change 24h — $160.44, ↑1.27%
  • 24h Low / 24h High — $6,214.48 / $6,031,413.70
  • 7d Low / 7d High — $6,214.48 / $6,031,413.70
  • Lord Token ICO 30d Low / 30d High — $6,214.48 / $6,031,413.70
  • 90d Low / 90d High — $6,214.48 / $6,031,413.70
  • 52 Week Low / 52 Week High — $6,214.48 / $6,031,413.70
  • All Time High — On 7th March 2022, 12 hours ago at $6,031,413.70, current prices is low by 99.79%
  • All Time Low — On 8th March 2022, at $6,214.48, current prices is up by 106.03%
  • LordToken ROI — No Data

Yesterday’s data:

  • Yesterday’s Low / High — $11,140.71 / $6,031,413.70
  • Yesterday’s Open / Close — $12,587.07 / $11,167.41
  • Yesterday’s Change — ↓11.28%
  • Yesterday’s Volume — $6,338.40

LordToken Market:

  • Market Cap — $2,919,228,654,017.28
  • Lord Token ICO Fully Diluted Market Cap — $25,607,268,894,888.46, ↑1.72%
  • Trading Volume 24h — $2,452.20, ↓38.04%
  • Volume / Market Cap < 0.000000000001
  • Market Dominance — 0.00%
  • Market Rank # 6565

LordToken Supply:

  • Circulating Supply — 228,000,000 LTT
  • Total Supply — 2,000,000,000 LTT
  • Max Supply — 2,000,000,000 LTT

LTT Predictions:

  • Currently, the price predictions for LTT are unavailable and awaited from market experts.


  1. What is the contract address to buy LTT?

Ans. The address to buy LTT is 0x71e72DdE4152D274afD1F2DB43531Ed9E44A78Fa.

  1. On which exchanges LTT is listed?

Ans. LTT is on LordToken Exchange, Pancakeswap

How to buy Lord Token ICO?

  1. Open an account at BSC
  2. Add BSC network to MetaMask wallet
  3. Connect MetaMask to your Pancakeswap account
  4. Fund your account
  5. Search and select LTT
  6. Click on Swap to purchase LTT


The news about ICO is trending related to LTT. To participate in ICO, you need to register at Lord Token Website  and at Binance exchange. You need to join the official Twitter pages of LordToken to like and share the news about ICO upon which you qualify to receive the giveaway that will start tomorrow approximately at 4 A.M ET. 

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