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Asher Crypto (March 2022) Here’s All You Need To Know!

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Are you new to the crypto world and need the information to get acquainted with this world? Do you seek some news feed to get the latest trend in the crypto market? If the answer to all these questions is yes, follow the details given below.

Today, the topic of discussion is Asher Crypto. Although it is not crypto, we have got some exciting news about cryptocurrencies by Asher Tan. The news is already being searched extensively in France. Let us follow up in detail.

About Asher Tan

He is one of the co-founders of the cryptocurrency exchange platform called Coinjar. He is a start-up founder living in London. However, his work is primarily based in Melbourne, Australia. Currently, he is working as the CEO of Coinjar. His objective is to make an easy to use digital currency account.

About Coinjar And Asher Crypto Exchange

It was founded in 2013 by Asher Tan and others. It was one of the earliest cryptocurrency exchanges. It was mainly focused on Australia. It offers products like pre-paid Mastercard, digital wallets and tools for easy use of crypto.

Last year the platform launched its product in the United Kingdom and was catering to the customers of the UK also. In future, the platform seems to be focusing on expanding its products and services for the entire globe.

The platform mainly focuses on secure digital assets for the customer through multipronged authorization in login and transfer. In contrast, behind the scene, the platform keeps the assets of customers safe through industry leader Bitgo.

Current News about Asher Tan

The scope of Asher Crypto can be understood by the efforts of Asher Tan. He has already spoken about increasing ole between crypto and football. Consequently, the coinjar has partnered with Brentford FC of the Premier League.

According to Tan, Brentford FC used data and intelligence, which is similar to the operations of coinjar. He also wants to cater to the audience of the football club by catering them with information about cryptocurrencies. Also, with the fantoken becoming more common.

This token allows the fans to become a stakeholder of these clubs. There is a huge scope of NFT in these football clubs. Please stay tuned for more details on Asher Crypto

Asher Tan Views about Cryptocurrency

Predicting the future of cryptocurrencies, he already founded the Coinjar crypto exchange way back in 2013. Further, according to him, he believes the cryptos to be financial freedom enablers and a legitimate part of the global financial system.

According to him, regulation creates fear in the crypto space. But through it, we can adapt blockchain technology and Cryptomarket. However, the government seeing cryptocurrency as a threat is not a good thing.


If we can adapt cryptocurrencies well, then we can get these currencies to pension funds also.

Thus Asher Crypto, along with other cryptocurrencies, can be a thing of the future with many possibilities. The authorities and the market need to work hand in hand. You must also be aware of cryptocurrency scams.

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