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Live Crypto Party Token (April) Price, How To buy?

Do you know the fresh details of the Live Crypto Party Token? Kindly study the details below concerning LCP tokens to learn more. 

Are you hunting for clues to an in-demand cryptocurrency token? Then, please undergo this post to reveal more details about the topic. 

The purpose of cryptocurrencies is simple,i.e., to provide a secured transaction process. Moreover, it utilizes decentralisation to register the transaction rate and the connected information about the assets. However, recently, a cryptocurrency has received many inquiries and pleasant remarks from the United States traders. So, quickly focus on the underlying sections where we will showcase the Live Crypto Party Token details. 

Describing The Platform

Live Crypto Party or LCP enables its users to claim the benefit of the party-to-earn facility. Furthermore, the LCP token is a BSC token used to host crypto events. In addition, through the tokens, the holders can claim valuable perks like gifts, passes, etc. A source marked the token as the worldwide first event crypto token. 

As its concept seems interesting, you might be curious to learn more details about it. Therefore, we recommend you to go on with the underlying passages till the verdict to gain crystal-clear knowledge of LCP. 

Members Linked With The Live Crypto Party Token

The research on the official site revealed the participants involved in this project. So, let us list and learn their names below- 

  • Roseline– Founder, Product and Strategy Head.
  • George– Business Development Executive. 
  • Amiiee– Program and Operations Manager. 

Let us shift to the underneath passages to determine the working of LCP closely. 

The Working Mechanism

From a source, we observed that the users could employ BUSD and BNB tokens to get the tickets and grab the LCP tokens. Moreover, the holders can choose the desired cryptocurrency by utilising those tokens. The crypto which will get more votes will become the chief cryptocurrency. The Live Crypto Party Token claimed during this activity can be used by holders to purchase items and listed services or auctioned to gain profit. 

Token Cost

According to threads, the token presale event was inaugurated on 16th October 2021, with an initial average price of $0.01/ token. But, after visiting its Twitter page and some sources, we understood that its price has increased to $0.05. 

Other Statistical Details

  • The ticker symbol of the token is LCP.
  • One hundred users have held the token. 
  • Its circulating supply value is 1,000,000,000LCP.
  • The decimals are nine.
  • The total supply value of the Live Crypto Party Token is 1,000,000,000LCP.

How To Gain The Tokens?

Now, let us mention different token buying processes in this passage. So, stick to this paragraph religiously. 

  • You can register and connect with the wallet to buy the tokens.
  • Scanning the QR Code given on the portal is another way to purchase the LCP tokens. 
  • You can also claim LCP tokens by sending BNB to its contract address.

Token Distribution Chart 

While scanning the portal, we observed the chart implying the distribution of LCP tokens for different purposes. So, let us glance at the table below to further evaluate the Live Crypto Party Token distribution.

Project and Team Maintenance  15%
Rewards, Charity, Referrals, etc.  15%
Affiliation 10%
Presale  25%
Liquidity 15%
Growth and Marketing  20%

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Accession Link To The Token’s Website?

A1. The official link is

Q2. What Is Its Contact Address?

A2. 0x3DFA9b7cB5944c3DbA51ed7467F3069909860666 is the contract address.

The Final Talk  

This article has written the essential details of a well-known cryptocurrency, i.e. the LCP tokens. Visit here to detect Big Cryptocurrency for 2022. Learn and investigate more threads to the LCP token here Have you claimed the Live Crypto Party Token? Please state your opinion below.

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