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Weddle Game Unlimited {April} Check If Released To Play!

The article is about Weddle Game Unlimited. This post will give you detailed information about Weddle Unlimited.

Do you know, Weddle is the latest game launched in March 2022? If you are a fan of the National football league, this game might thrill you. People from tahe United States and Canada are looking for an unlimited version of Weddle. Weddle was launched recently, but the unlimited version of Weddle is not released yet.

Weddle game is an NFL player guessing game. Know about the newly launched Weddle Game Unlimited.

Weddle Unlimited

The weddle game is all about guessing the name of NFL players. In this game, players have to guess the name of NFL players and submit it on the given box. Once you tap the box to type your answer, a letter wise list of various players will appear.

Many games having similar structures and features like wordle have been launched. Weddle is one among them but has different rules. The game includes sections like stats, ‘How to play’ and settings. The unlimited version of Weddle has not been launched till now.

Rules for Weddle Unlimited Game

The rules of the Weddle game are simple. If you have played a different version of wordle, you will find this game easy. The NFL fans are worldwide, and anyone can play this NFL based game. You need a mobile phone or PC and a good internet connection. These are the rules of the Weddle game:

  • Guess any NFL player’s name in eight attempts.
  • After you enter a player’s name, the colour will change.
  • The green colour indicates that your guess is correct.
  • If the division column turns yellow, it indicates the correct conference but the wrong division for Weddle Game Unlimited.
  • If the age, height and weight columns turn yellow, it shows that the correct number is within two years, inches and numbers of the correct player.

Weddle Gameplay

You can play Weddle with a few easy steps. To play the game, you must know the official game site of the Weddle game.

  1. After you reach the Weddle website, an answer box will appear.
  2. Type your guessed NFL player.
  3. Different columns like Team, division, position, height, and age will appear along with the guessed player name.
  4. Typing a letter will show a different player’s name, and you can choose anyone.
  5. The green and yellow colour in any column of Weddle Game Unlimited help you to find the correct answer.

Players must remember that only eight attempts will be given to identify the answer. The unlimited version is not released yet. We will be updating you as soon as the unlimited game is released.


The Weddle game has garnered ultimate attention all over the world. If you are interested in football, you will find the game interesting. You need to know the national football league players and will be able to find the answer quickly. Visit this link to know more about Weddle.  

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