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Litit Token {Aug 2022} Check Price, Prediction & Chart!

Have you ever heard of the Litit Token? Do you want to know about this crypto? Read the upcoming sections to learn further.

Do you love investing in cryptocurrencies? Are you finding an appropriate latest overview of the Social LITIT Crypto? The practice of trading in cryptocurrencies has been in buzz nowadays, majorly in regions like Bangladesh and India

However, investigating crypto has benefits and drawbacks since it depends on skills and luck. So, it is better to be updated about the crypto in which you are interested. Therefore, this article will illustrate the Litit Token details, so please read carefully. 

About This Crypto

Upon researching, we studied Lit.it is a Web 2.0 and 3.0 NFT music and video platform that allows users to be rewarded with the native currency. Moreover, through the token’s official website, we learned that it rewards users or creators for its in-app activity utilizing the Social Mining concept. 

Users who post content or are active in their community will be awarded benefits. But, before knowing the details, let us grab the founder or the people linked to this crypto in the following passage. 

Owners Of Litit Token

Our survey retained no threads on the website’s creator, so we are unsure about the same. But, if you have further hints on the founder, you can express your query in the comment section accordingly. 

How Does Mining Of This Token Occur?

From the official website, we realized that users would get points, called the LIT points, for performing entertaining and social activities on its app. Also, users can contribute these points amongst themselves. Furthermore, the holders can convert the points collected through the social mining process to Solana-based tokens. 

Interestingly, the conversion rate will increase gradually with transactions; users will find it challenging to mine the Litit Token. So, let us finally glance at its cost in the underlying passage. 

Crypto Price

While surveying, we got a link explaining that its worth is $0.341114699136 with a liquidity value of $1,010. So, as you know its price, you can estimate its future prediction and the benefits you can avail of from this token. Besides, in the underlying section, we have presented some more calculative details of this token, so please be aware of learning further facts below. 

Total Supply And Additional Hints

  • The market cap value of this crypto is $312,639,590.
  • 900,000,000 is the total supply of this Litit Token.
  • The liquidity is $1,010.
  • The current conversion rate is 1000.5595.
  • The 24-hour volume value is unavailable.
  • 121 transactions have been detected during the survey of this token.
  • The decimals are 18.
  • The LIT points minted are 128001897.20.

Also, while investigating more, we saw the token’s allocation chart, so let us see it now below- 

Special Promotions 3%
Investors 17%
Founders 20%
Partners 4%
Community Reserve 51%
Executive And Development Team 5%

Where To Purchase This Token?

The investigation described Pancakeswap V2 as the preferable exchange medium for the Litit Token. But, please note that the above-given values are variable and will change with time. So, please check all the details before investigating your money into it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Official Site Of This Crypto?

A1. The official URL of this token is https://lit.it.

Q2. What Is The Token’s Contract Address?

A1. From verified sources, we learned that 0x1AfAE12Df6c86C3493AC0bCb4f63555C1719C2C2 is the token’s contract address.

The Final Thoughts 

Today, this post discussed a new token in trend, i.e., Litit Token. We have presented only its details in this article but are not promoting it. Retrieve an in-depth explanation on How To Spot A Bitcoin Scammer here. Learn more crucial evidence associated with this token here

What are your suggestions? Kindly write your experience below. 

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