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Bingus Token {Aug 2022} Contract Address, How To Buy!

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Do you love animals? Would you like to support a noble cause of a crypto token to fund animals’ well-being in AustraliaCanada, Indonesia, and the United States? Celebrities and sports personnel have associated themselves with cryptocurrency for the past few years to promote sports, women’s participation in the crypto market, and digital art. 

Similarly, Bingus Finance LLC has invented a token that cares for animals. Let’s review Bingus Token.

What is Bingus?

Bingus is a cryptocurrency project that aims explicitly for the welfare of animals. It has partnered with a network of animal shelters to provide them with funds and maintenance infrastructure for animal welfare.

Bingus is listed on the binance smart chain network. One percent of each bingus transaction on BSC is donated to animal charity organizations. Bingus already presented more than 40K towards animal charity.

Bingus aims to make the token value. Hence, it offers to stake bingus coins for a long time for increased earnings and profits. The liquidity providers of Bingus Token are empowered with voting rights to drive the bingus community towards benefiting animals.

Bingus is also providing software to update information for animals. It helps as the animal shelters can list animals for adoption. Thus, bingus is formed with the combination of love towards animals and crypto.

How does Bingus works?

  1. Bingus has provisioned locked vaults,
  2. Bingus offers solo staking for its stakeholders interested in supporting specific animal shelters,
  3. Bingus offers liquidity providers liquidity pool (LP) tokens by which they earn an equal percentage of the asset concerning their contribution.
  4. Bingus increases the earnings of its members by supporting play-to-earn games that is: bingus run game.

Founders of Bingus Token:

Mike Cerisano launched the bingus coin. He is the founder of Bingus Finance LLC. He is also known as a man of goodness in the BSC network.

Bingus Price stats:

  • Price in USD—0.0000003878
  • Market cap—$0
  • Price change 1hr to 7 days—$0
  • 24Hrs trading volume—$0
  • 30 Days—$0, -0.23%
  • 60 Days—$0, -0.26%
  • 90 Days—$0, -0.26%
  • 90d high / 90d low—$0.0000003878 / $0.0000003878
  • Market rank—null
  • All time high/low—not data,
  • Circulating supply—$0
  • Maximum total supply—928,421,490,958.

Bingus Tokenomics:

  • 1% of all transactions is donated towards animal welfare causes,
  • 1% goes to aggressive marketing,
  • 3% goes to auto-liquidity,
  • 3% is awarded to $bingus stakers

Bingus Token Predictions:

Year Minimum Price Average Price Maximum Price
2022 $0.000000430 $0.000000450 $0.000000490
2023 $0.000000660 $0.000000680 $0.000000760
2024 $0.000000940 $0.000000980 $0.000001150
2025 $0.000001320 $0.000001370 $0.000001650
2026 $0.000001970 $0.000002040 $0.000002280
2027 $0.000002950 $0.000003050 $0.000003550
2028 $0.000004190 $0.000004310 $0.000005140
2029 $0.000006150 $0.000006320 $0.000007200
2030 $0.000008850 $0.000009100 $0.000010460
2031 $0.000012860 $0.000013220 $0.000015170


  1. What is the contract address to buy Bingus?

Ans. The address to buy Bingus is 0xda20c8a5c3b1ab48e31ba6e43f0f2830e50218d8.

  1. On which exchanges is Bingus listed?

Ans. Bingus NFT is listed on HotBit.

  1. What wallets support Bingus?

Ans. MetaMask, TokenPocket, Assure Wallet, Math Wallet, SafePal, BeFi Wallet, Blocto Wallet, and Brave Wallet support Bingus Token.

How to buy Bingus?

  • Log in or register at binance wallet,
  • Buy BNB and transfer BNB to your wallet,
  • Choose a Decentralized Exchange (DEX),
  • Connect your wallet with DEX,
  • Search bingus or enter its smart contact,
  • Swap bingus with BNB.


Bingus is a young token launched on 2nd April 2021. However, the price trends and price prediction of bingus are under-tracked and not prospective for profitable investment. Even in 2031, its maximum predicted value stands at $0.000015170. The recent price changes in the value of bingus are negative. Hence, it is better as a charity contribution. Therefore, learn about the best crypto to invest in in 2022.

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