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Liren Chen Linkedin Profile: Check Details On Los Altos Wife’s Death

In this post, you will get all the details on Liren Chen LinkedIn Profile. Also, know about other details about Liren Chen Los Altos.

Have you heard about Liren Chen? Have you visited his Linkdln profile? Liren Chen LinkedIn Profile after the news of her wife’s murder broke out. People from the United States are curious to know the truth behind the death of his wife. Liren is trending as he is accused of murdering his wife at his home. The incident has been in the news for many days. His Linkdln profile is available on the platform. However, we will give you all the details about him. In this article, you will get all the necessary information about the trending news of Liren Chen. 

Liren Chen LinkedIn Profile

Liren Chen is in the news nowadays as he is accused of murdering his wife. The Linkedln profile of Liren Chen is available. His Linkedln profile shows that he works with Google. He is a software engineer in YouTube shorts. He was a software engineer intern at TuSimple. He was also a computer vision research intern at SenseTime. He completed his master’s of science in MS and computer science. He has listed all these details about him in his Linkedln profile. Liren Chen is sentenced for murdering his wife. The police revealed that he murdered his wife on Tuesday and was found near his wife’s dead body. 

Liren Chen Los Altos

Liren Chen is accused of killing his wife. He was found beside the dead body of his wife. The room and bed were filled with blood. However, the police could not find out whether his wife was the victim in this case or not. He is sentenced to prison for a lifetime without any chance of parole. Liren Chen is 27 years old. The reason behind the murder is not known yet. Chen is in the hospital currently. His court hearing is left and he is not formally accused till Friday morning. We will further inform you with other details about Liren Chen Los Altos as well as soon as they are updated. 

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Who is the wife of Liren Chen?

The name of Liren Chen’s wife is removed from the documents. Although the name of his wife is available on property papers. His wife’s name is Xuanyi Yu. The couple had a house at 714 Valley Way. He murdered his wife in their house. Liren hit his wife several times on her head. Several blunt forces were found on the head of his wife. The hand of Linen was swollen and was purple. He had scratches on his hand. He has blood all over his legs, hands, and clothes. 

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In a nutshell 

Wrapping up this post here on Liren Chen LinkedIn Profile, the profile of Liren Chen is available on Linkdln. His profile reveals that he works at Google. He is a software engineer and works on YouTube shorts. However, after he murdered his wife he will be sentenced without any parole. However, he is not in jail yet as a court hearing is left. You can find the link to his Linkdln profile attached to this post. You can visit this link to learn more details on Liren Chen.

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