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Ligonier Police Chief Berger- Details About Raid, Twitter, Reddit, Department!

In this post, we will discuss Ligonier Police Chief Berger, what happened to him, does he was charged with any criminal charges and much more. 

Are you aware of the Raid that happened last week? Why did this Raid happen? What was the circumstance of this Raid? There was a raid last week, and people have been curious about what is happening in the United States.

Soon after this Raid, people started questioning the police authorities. So, police authorities have taken some strict action against Chief Berger. Since this matter came into focus, people have started talking about police responsibility and accountability; however, some people still need to be made aware of this matter. So, to know what Ligonier Police Chief Berger matter is, read this post till the end.


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What is Ligonier Police Chief Berger’s matter?

The sources confirmed that Ligonier Valley Police’s Chief John Berger was voted to fire from his job. The ex-chief, John Berger, was terminated from his duty against the Raid at the police department. He was terminated from his job after a decision was taken via a commission. The five-member commission voted for John Berger’s termination in response to the Raid. 

The five-member joint commission includes officials from Ligonier Township, one at-large representative, and Ligonier. The commission has taken this action against ex-chief John Berger because he raids the state police department with U.S. Department of Homeland Security agents and state police on Thursday. 

What charges have been taken against John Berger?

The state police station raid matter inquiry is still going on. Both the Police and state authorities were cooperating in the investigation. As a result of their termination from his job John Berger’s official vehicle and cell phone were seized, and he was put on paid leaves. 

The Department hasn’t disclosed the entire matter to the public and keeps some information confidential; however, for further information, stay tuned with our upcoming post.

How is the new Chief?

The commission had removed John Berger. As a result, Mike Matrunics was soon appointed as the department’s chief. 

The data showed that Matrunics was previously the assistant chief of Ligonier Valley Police under Berger. He worked under the Berger when Borough and the Township department were merged. After that, he becomes the chief of Ligonier Township Police. Thus, he was appointed the department’s chief soon after John Berger’s termination. 

Further information about the Raid on Twitter

Soon after the news of the Raid came out police department actively started investigating the matter. According to the police, the Raid’s circumstances and reasons are still unclear. However, According to Sorice, only Berger was the target of the state Police and Homeland Security raid on Thursday. He also added that the police department was never the target of Thursday’s Raid.  

What is the reaction of the officials on the matter of Raid?

There are mixed opinions of the people on the raid matter. According to Mike Ferguson, the raid matter is important because John Berger still has not been charged with any criminal charges. However, many people were also supporting the department.  

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John Berger was terminated from his job after the five-member joint commission decision. As a result, Mike Matrunics is appointed as a Chief. However, John Berger’sBerger’s personal cellphone, vehicle, and public vehicle have been seized. To know further details about the Raid. Click here

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Ligonier Police Chief Berger – FAQs

Q1. Is John Berger charged with criminal charges?

Ans. According to the sources, John Berger hasn’t been charged with criminal charges yet.

Q2. What was the aim of this Raid?

Ans. The reason behind this Raid was not disclosed yet; as soon as we come to know, we will let you know.

Q3. Since when was Mike Matrunics serving the police force?

Ans. According to the reports, Mike Matrunics has served the police force since 1992.

Q4. When Mike Matrunic’s job tenure will start?

Ans. His job tenure started soon after his appointment.  

Q5. Is John Berger found guilty?

Ans. No, but the investigation is in process. Thus, until the final judgment came, it was hard to say whether John was guilty.

Q6. Is Mike Matrunics previously served, John Berger?

Ans. Yes, Mike Matrunics has previously served John Berger.

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