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Amanda Curry Maine: Check Full Details On Amanda’s Death, And Obituary

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Amanda Curry Maine, USA, who worked as a barattender at High Tide.

On its official Facebook page, the High Tide Brewer announced the benefit event# 551421333734179. The Amanda Curry Benefit event is scheduled for next week on 19th/May/2023 at 8:30 PM CST. More than 594 people have shown their interest in attending the event! The link is given in a further section. So, don’t forget to check out more about Amanda Curry! But, did you know how Amanda Curry MaineUnited States, passed away?


About Amanda’s death:

It was havoc to hear about the death of a mother of two young and pitiful girls! And indeed, the post on Facebook by @hightiderestaurantandbar reflected the unbelievable news. The post was reflected on Facebook on 11th/May/2023, approximately at 5:00 PM CST on 11th/May. The post stated, “High Tide is closed for the evening (11/May/2023) due to unforeseen circumstances. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

At that point in time, no one knew what was going on at High Tide restaurant. A customer included a comment and thanked God that they had their lunch in the afternoon that same day and hoped everything was fine. However, the sad news of Amanda’s Death had to come out. Several people read the post and slept on Thursday night as no cause was announced.

Death announced on official High Tide FB pages:

It was approximately 7:00 PM CST on 11th/May; High Tide updated another post. The post said, “please be patient with our staff as we navigate the coming days and weeks, as we begin to process the loss of one of our own (Amanda Curry). Sending love to Amanda’s friends, family, and all of her favourite customers.”

Today, on Friday, 12th/May/2023, the customers of High Tide, which has 7.3K subscribers, were surprised to see the post of Brewer restaurant. The post did not include the name of Amanda, but it featured her beautiful picture. It was a shock to High Tide customers, and they took a long time to understand what was happening and finally felt sorry for her loss.

Customer’s reactions:

The announcement gained 1.1K reactions, 149 comments and 132 shares, excluding more than six websites discussing Amanda’s death.

One customer commented, “Amanda Curry was the friendliest and hardest worker and best bartender we have been going to high tide for a long time. Amanda will surely be missed hugs to staff, Amanda Curry Maine two beautiful daughters, her friends, co-workers, brewer, and beyond Bangor communities.”

Soon, a customer of High Tide shared his experience with Amanda attending to him twice as a barmaid. He said she was a kind, generous, hardworking, respectful woman. She had a smile on her face and brought smiles to her customers’ faces. The customer said that he was sorry to hear about Amanda’s death.

Date of death:

The exact time of Amanda’s death was unspecified. With the Facebook posts, it is clear that Amanda passed away on 11th/May/2023 before 5:00 PM CST.

Cause of death:

The exact cause of Amanda Curry Maine death is unknown. There is no information about any health issues Amanda was suffering from. In fact, the news of her death was unbelievable for her co-workers, friends, and family members, who took time to come out of the shock and realize that Amanda had died at a young age!

Amanda Curry’s Wiki:

The DoB of Amanda is unknown. However, her recent beautiful family pictures suggest that her two daughters are very young, and Amanda’s age may be between >32 to <40 years.

She is a resident of Maine and an American citizen. No other details related to Amanda Curry Maine early life, parents, siblings, husband, education, early career, names of her two daughters, Etc., were available.

  • Eye colour: Black.
  • Hair colour: Brown.
  • Skin complexion: Fair.
  • Height (approximately): >5.2 feet to <5.8.
  • Weight (approximately): >65 Kg to <76 Kg.
  • Ethnicity: White.
  • Religion: Christian.

Social media links:


The customer’s comments about Amanda Curry suggest they knew her well because of her pleasing personality. The customers said that she was known as a kind and hardworking person. We can understand how much the community loved her when we came across the notification of the Benefit event organized by High Tide. Please remember Amanda Curry in your prayers.

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Amanda Curry Maine – FAQ

Q1. Is Amanda’s last visitation ceremony announced?


Q2. Is Amanda’s burial and afterlife event announced?


Q3. What was the reaction of Amanda’s family?

Amanda’s family members did not update any information.

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