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Lee Chapel Accident: Is It Happened At 7400 Block of Road? Get All The Facts Here!

Read this article, and you will be able to understand some new information that you might not know about the Lee Chapel Accident.

Do you know about the recent incident that happened at Fairfax Station? When did this crash happen? How many people lost their lives during this crash? Have you found this website to learn more details about that incident?

People of the United States of America have recently witnessed a brutal car accident where two young girls lost their lives, and another person was injured and admitted to the hospital. Many people are searching for a new update about the Lee Chapel Accident.


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Accident of Lee Chapel:


Accident of Lee Chapel

A brutal car accident happened near Fairfax station on 10th January 2023 Tuesday, where two young girls lost their lives, and another person was admitted to the hospital. According to the source, we learned that the 2019 Lexus 1S350 crashed near the road of Lee Chapel. 

Where did the 2019 1S350 Lexus go?

After an investigation report, we concluded that the 2019 Lexus was going North on a two-lane road; due to high speed, the driver lost all of their control, and the car fell from the hill and got flipped on its roof.

7400 Block of Lee Chapel Road accident:

The police investigation report says two teenagers had died in the accident on Chapel road, and another girl was taken to the nearby hospital. She was injured brutally and admitted to the intensive critical Unit.

What are the names of the girls who lost their lives?

Ariana Haftsavar is one of the girls whose family has been identified; as per the sources, we also came to know she was kind-hearted, loves to spend time with young kids, and has a dream to become a lawyer someday.

Arina’s family also said she was the passenger returning home from her SAT class. The family waited for Arina’s arrival and to have dinner; they came to know about their girl by tracking her location.

When the vehicle stopped near the 7400 Block of Lee Chapel Road, four miles from their home, they understood something wrong had happened. We have just found information about the other girls; if we find anything new, we will update you through this portal.

What was the reaction of Arina’s father?

After hearing this incident Arina’s father, Bahman, completely lost his mind and wanted to meet with her daughter, but the police officer did not allow him.

Residents of the 7400 Block of Lee Chapel Road say?

Residents had claimed that they had raised an issue for road maintenance after the crash occurred earlier in 2015, and the road still needs to be appropriately maintained.

Funeral information of the two girls:

Bodies of the girl have been sent for post-mortem, but funeral information has not been available. If we find any information regarding this matter, we will update it on this website.

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Final Verdict:

Recently on 10th January, an accident happened in the Chapel road area where two girls were found dead by the police. Another girl was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit. One of the dead bodies has been identified by her family.

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Lee Chapel Accident:FAQs

1 Which time did the accident happen in Lee chapel?

10th January 2023 at 9.30 pm

2 Who first noticed this accident?


3 Why did the police not make the names of dead bodies public?

Due to Virginia law.

4 Did accidents in the Chapel area reduce after 2015?


5 In which hospital will the third girl be admitted?

Local Hospital

6 Did the chapel road have been closed due to an accident?

Yes, for 6 hours.

7 When did Chapel Road open?

From 5 am Wednesday

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