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Mila Sobolov PH: Who Is She? Check Her Parents, Biography, Husband, Age, Family Details From Wiki And Reddit!

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Mila Sobolov had just caught the attention of netizens from the United States and the globe by making fun of a viewer of her profile on TikTok. Do you want to know who Mila is? Would you like to know about her professional life and sources of income?

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About Mila Sobolov:

Disclaimer: We do not promote (or) support any grown-up content (or) watch grown-up videos and pictures. The details in this article are obtained from various sources on the internet and are meant for informational purposes only.

Mila Sobolov is a grown-up model featured on PH. Due to it, Family details of Mila are not shared on the internet. The pictures of Mila on the internet and social media are sensational. Hence, we are excluding the links to her social media accounts.

Recently on TikTok, a viewer saw Mila and commented that he knew her but did not recollects where he saw Mila and Who Is She. Mila made fun of the viewer by posting modelling pictures and mentioning PH. PH is the short form of a popular grown-up website only for 18+ years old viewers. The TikTok post was funny as the viewer may have watched Mila’s stunning images (or) videos.

Mila regularly posts individual images without wearing any clothes. In addition, several Reddit Mila fan pages showcase her solo videos. These posts are her major source of income from the internet. 

The OnlyFan social media page offers a monthly subscription of more than 5K Mila images and videos for $9.99, including a 20% discount. Similarly, Mila promotes quarterly and half-yearly plans at a 30% discount.

Mila Wiki:

Nick name/Popular as 0.01%
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Grown-up model
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Blue
Body type Slim
Years active 2021 – present
Date of birth April 9, 2003
Age 19
Astrological sign Aries
Piercings No
Tattoos No
Synthetic body parts None
Appearence Fair
Hight Average

Social media links: Due to inappropriate and grown-up content, we exclude links to Mila’s Biography and social media accounts.


Mila started her career as a video content creator. But, at an early age switched to grown-up modelling. Only solo videos are available on social media, grown-up sites and over the internet. Mila mostly entertains her subscribers by posting her pictures without any clothes. Mila did not mention her Parentsdetails due to security reasons demanded by her modelling profession.

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Mila Sobolov PH – FAQ

1Q. Did Mila perform with any male actor?

No. Mila only posted solo videos and pictures and did not perform with any male actor. 

2Q. Is Mila married (or) does she has a boyfriend?

On Mila’s profile and social media accounts, no acknowledgement was found about her boyfriend (or) Husband

3Q. What is Mila’s ranking as a sensational grown-up model?

Her profile on one of the grown-up sources on the internet showed her rank as #52848 and a graph with a downward trend.

4Q. When did Mila debut as a grown-up model?

Mila made a debut in 2021.

5Q. What is the Age of Mila?

Mila is 19 years, 8 months, and 20 days old.

6Q. Why did netizens search for Mila Sobolov’s details recently?

It was due to a funny TikTok reply from Mila to a viewer that gained the attention of netizens.

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