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Kisha Chavis Instagram: Check Details On Joe Smith Wife Net Worth, Twitter, And Reddit Account

We bring to you shocking facts about professional life of Joe Smith Wife Kisha Chavis InstagramTwitterReddit,and Net Worth.

It is surprising to know about ignorance of Joe about his wife,especially when couple have been together for more than five years! Joe’s fans from Nigeria,the United States,South Africa,Canada,and the United Kingdom were shocked to see explicit content from Joe Smith Wife Kisha Chavis Instagram.

A review of Kisha Chavis Instagram:

Kisha may have been successful in hiding truth about her professional life in grownup industry from her husband,Joe. On ALL Kisha’s social media accounts,including Instagram,her profile name was reflected as Kyss Major! Her FB,Instagram,Twitter,TikTok,and several other video-sharing platforms included explicit images of Kisha.

Ignorance of Joe Smith Wife Kisha Chavis:

Surprisingly,Kisha did not have any social media account reflecting her real name as Kisha Chavis or Chavis Smith! Have you ever wondered why Joe did not question it when Kisha is media personality?

A controversy erupted between couple as Kisha was live streaming her casual conversation as Joe Smith Wife Kisha Chavis,when Joe disappointedly spoke about her OnlyFans account! As per sources, Kisha gulped volumes of coconut drink as her facial expression turned weird to Joe’s question! Kisha had all her social media accounts with explicit content,including OnlyFans account under name – Kyss Major aka Yasmine Pendavis. 

Kisha Chavis Net Worth:

Kisha’s net worth is estimated to be $125K compared to Joe’s net worth of $61! Kisha,on her OnlyFans account,described herself as – Good time maker and exhibitionist!

As per sources, Kisha quoted her @kyssmajor onlyfans content at $9 per month,subscription bundles at $25.65 for 3 months,$51.30 for 6 months,and $102.60 total for 12 months. No wonder Kisha Chavis Net Worth is higher than Joe’s. 

As per sources, she also invites audience to join MONEY DEMONS group on As per sources, her Twitter account advertised FaceTime(a video and audio calling service) at $100 for 30-minutes,$200 for 60-minutes,per day at $50,unlimited one year at $2K,and phone calls at $2 per minute!

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About Kisha Chavis Leak:

As per sources, everything on Kisha’s social media account revolves around money. While Joe was raged over need to have an OnlyFans account? Kisha’s explicit videos were leaked and presented on several unauthentic grownup websites.

A review of Kisha Chavis Twitter:

She has huge social media fan base on Twitter. Her account tagged Kisha as an artist,singer,model,actress,author,entrepreneur,and philanthropist who appeared in several popular films and music albums..

Launch of Kisha Chavis Reddit:

Reddit community group @r/NBA_Bets (NBA Dissipated Forum,NBA Picks & Sportsbook Discussion forum) recently launched @kyss_majorkisha_chavis_trending page owning to trending Kisha controversy with former NBA player Joe. As per sources, later,in live video,Kisha bluntly answered Joe that it was her choice,and why she should tell Joe about it! 

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Joe’s concern was that Kisha should have informed him about her OnlyFans account. Joe cannot understand why there was need to have an OnlyFans account when couple was wealthy. Kisha advertises her upcoming explicit videos and images and later exposing them on date of launch. Surprisingly,Joe was unaware of Kisha’s explicit content on all other social media platforms.

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