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Cecilia Hackembruch Wikipedia And Age: Explore Details On Her Biography

What is Cecilia Hackembruch Wikipedia and Age? What is her Biography? When did she Fallecio? Check Here!

What are the details on Cecilia Hackembruch Wikipedia and Age? Who is Cecilia Hackembruch? What happened to Cecilia? How did Cecilia pass away? People from Uruguay are searching for details about the National Burns Centre Cenaque General manager. Let us read the details about her and her life in this article because people want to know.

Cecilia Hackembruch Wikipedia and Age

Cecilia Hackembruch was the general manager of the National Burns Centre of Cenaque. She passed away on 25th December 2023. At first, she was admitted to the hospital due to a knee pain complaint. But it was later discovered that her knee had been infected. Cecilia’s condition has been worsening ever since. 

She left everyone on Wednesday. The reason for her death has been revealed as some fatal knee infection. She contracted the infection from an unknown source. The news of her death hurt everyone who knew her. The doctors from the center are pouring words of appreciation for her. 

Cecilia Hackembruch Wikipedia and Age

How Did Cecilia Hackembruch Fallecio?

Cecilia first went to the hospital with a swollen knee. She complained of the pain in the knee. When the doctors investigated the matter, they learned about the deadly infection. She was later admitted to the hospital for the operation. After that, doctors tried to remove the infected area from her body. 

However, they failed to do so. The infection started to spread to other body organs. The infection was fatal, and it made her body weak. She died soon after the diagnosis of her infection. The operation took place at the CTI in Montevideo. She also died in Montevideo. 

How Did Cecilia Hackembruch Fallecio

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Details on Cecilia Hackembruch Biography

She joined the National Burns Centre Cenaque in 2016 and became the institution’s general manager. She worked at the National Institute of Cardiac Surgery before joining the National Burns Centre. She was a qualified person with a lot of accolades on her resume. She had worked as a professor and teacher at times as well.

From 2006 to 2008, she was associated with the National Health Directorate (of the armed forces). Cecilia was also associated with the Catholic University, guiding the Public Health and Health Management students with their master’s degree. She was an impeccable person.  

Who reacted to the news of Cecilia Hackembruch Fallecio?

Important office bearers expressed their condolences towards the family of Cecilia Hackembruch. From politicians to ministers, everyone remembered her for her good deeds. She was famous among everyone for her gentle and diligent personality. 

Public health minister Karina Rando bid farewell to Cecilia Hackembruch. She appreciated her a lot and her work as well. Ex-Public Health Minister Daniel Salinas also remembered her hard work as the general manager of the National Burns Centre. Even politicians such as Robert Silva also bid her goodbye. 


In today’s article, Cecilia Hackembruch Biography has discussed the necessary details about the general manager of National Burns Centre Cenaque. She passed away on 25th December 2023. She contracted a fatal infection. The doctors even operated on her knee to remove the affected area. However, the infection spread and caused her death. If you wish to know more details, click here.

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