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Have you heard of a guy named Justin Mohn who killed his father and showed his decapitated head on his YouTube channel? Are you looking for significant updates on the killing case of Justin Mohn? Then you have reached the best and most authentic spot on the internet.

Justin Mohan Dad Video Head has been viral all over the United States since the murder happened in Pennsylvania, and more rumours are also spreading about this video. We will burst out the rumours in this article, so let’s get started.

Details on Justin Mohan Dad Video Head

The murderer who killed his father is Justin Mohn, not Mohan. He is a 32-year-old guy currently getting arrested for killing his 68-year-old father, Michael, and abusing his corpse by beheading his head and showing the blood-filled decapitated head on his Youtube channel. The video went viral and caught the eye of government officials, so they removed it immediately because of its obscene content.

Details on Justin Mohan Dad Video Head

Justin Mohan Real Video

The actual video of Justin lasts around 14 minutes. At the beginning of the video, Justin Mohn talks about his father and the reason for killing his father. Later on, he takes his father’s head from a plastic bag, introduces him, throws it over the bucket, and shows his headless body filled with blood in his bathtub. 

It also became trending on Telegram, and the name of the video uploaded by Justin is Mohn’s Militia: Call to Arms for American Patriots. In that video, Justin shows his beheaded father’s head twice and calls the traitor of the USA since he supports the federal government.

Justin Mohan Real Video

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The reason behind the killing

Justin Mohan Real Video also shared the reason why Justin killed his father. Michael was a federal political party team worker, so he was obviously against the Joe Biden government and used to share his opposition to Joe Biden’s rulings. Meanwhile, Justin didn’t like that his father supported the federal team, and he portrayed his father as his enemy. These thoughts led him to kill his father and uploaded it as an Instagram video as well.

The reason behind the killing

Does Justin get arrested?

Yes, on Tuesday night, Justin’s mother called the police after seeing his husband’s beheaded body in the bathroom, and at that time, Justin escaped from the scene. Meanwhile, he uploaded his video as well; hence, the police officials confirmed the murderer, tracked his car and finally arrested him at the National Guard training centre, which is 100 miles away from his residence. 

A trending Twitter video of Justin’s father also helped the police catch him red-handed. Currently, he is being investigated in the Bucks County Judiciary Office, and till now, the first murder charges, abuse of corpse charges, and possession of weapon charges were against him.

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We have explained the entire crime timeline of the Justin Mohn murder story and Justin Mohan Dad Video Head footage details. Since the video also involves the political heads of the USA, it has also created a stir in the political parties; hence, to avoid all the controversies and rumours, the government removed the video forever.

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Disclaimer: the article contains more disturbing violence content.

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