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Joe Rogan Podcast Jelly Roll: Check Links for Full Interview Here!

Joe Rogan Podcast Jelly Roll write-up has shared important excerpts from the Joe Rogan Experience # 1987 episode.

Have you heard the Joe Rogan Experience #1987 episode aired on 17th May 2023? Why is the keyword related to Rogan and Roll trending on social sites like Twitter and Reddit? The # 1987 episode of “Joe Rogan Experience” has touched many music lovers in the United States and Canada as they shared their emotions on social sites.

Joe Rogan interviewed music artist Jelly Roll on his podcast on Wednesday, and some excerpts from the show have gone viral on the internet. Joe Rogan Podcast Jelly Roll details the interview and netizens’ reactions to it.


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Why are keywords related to Joe Rogan Podcast Trending:

Jelly Roll is a famous country artist with a diversified fan base across the country. The singer started his hip-hop career but steadily transitioned into Country music. Jelly Roll opened up on a lot of things during the three-hour-long podcast. People congratulated Joe Rogan for getting the best out of singer and rapper Jelly Roll.

The singer discussed his new album release and choked while discussing his mother. Jelly Roll thought on “music and love” touched the heart of netizens, making them emotional.

Jelly Roll Joe Rogan Full Interview:

Jelly Roll touched on many things during the three-hour-long interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He clarified that his new album name, “Whitsitt Chapel,” is taken from the place the singer used to smoke during his childhood days. Roll wanted to name the album “Going to Church,” but the songwriter recommended the name of the church the singer went to during his early days.

Roll also opened on his first successful album and how it trapped him into chasing fame. The singer’s insightful thoughts prevailed over him, and he decided to stick to good music rather than chase fame. Jelly Roll Joe Rogan Full Interview gave his fans insight into the artist’s psyche, whom they have been following for the last ten years. 

Jelly Roll Wiki:


Jason DeFord
Name on Stage  Jelly Roll
Nickname  Jelly
Date of Birth  4th December 1984
Age  38 years
Gender  Male
Birthplace Nashville, United States
Religion  Not known
Nationality  American
Ethnicity White
Profession  Songwriter, Singer, and musician
Height  5 feet 7 inches
Weight  90 kg
Eye  Brown 
Hair Color Black
Father  Not known
Mother  Not known
Marital status  Married
Wife  Bunnie Xo
Children  Daughter Bailee Ann
Labels  Slumerican, Bad Apple, War Dog

Three CMT Music Awards

Joe Rogan and Jelly Roll Podcast Excerpts:

Jelly Roll also shared some details about his mother during the podcast; the singer said he makes music to help people. Jelly’s mother mostly remained in her room while struggling with health-related problems. She also suffered from substance abuse but mostly listened to music outside her bedroom.

Jelly choked while referring to her mother, saying he came to music for her. Music had a therapeutic effect on her mother, and he decided to make music for people with broken hearts. He added that music in his house changed everything as people from the neighborhood assembled in the kitchen.  

Social Media Reactions to Jelly Roll Joe Rogan Full Interview:

The keyword related to the podcast is trending on social media sites as his fans in Canada shared their feeling for the musician. The podcast got viewership on the YouTube platform as people described Jelly as a singer with a golden heart. Netizens also praised Rogan for getting the best out of the country musician. 

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

Jelly Roll choked on Rogan’s podcast while referring to his mother and stated that he makes music for people with broken hearts as it has a therapeutic effect. 

Has Joe Rogan succeeded in bringing another unheard voice to the audience? Please Comment. 

Joe Rogan Podcast Jelly Roll: FAQs

Q.1 Which song of Jelly Roll won the CMT Music Award?

Jelly’s “Son of Sinner” song won the CMT music award. 

Q.2 When will Jelly Roll’s new album release?

Jelly Roll’s new album Whitsitt Chapel will be released on 2nd June 2023.

Q.3 Did Jelly Roll spend some years of his life in jail?

Yes, Jelly Roll spent some time in jail for felony charges.

Q.4 How have people reacted to the Jelly podcast show on Twitter?

People on social media sites like Twitter have termed the interview Awesome and congratulated Joe Rogan and Jelly Roll for amazing content. 

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