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Jarquez Exposed Twitter: Check What Is In The Video Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, And Telegram

Jarquez Exposed Twitter will discuss the leaked video of one of the football running back players and what happened to him.

Do you know American football running back star Jarquez Hunter? What happened with Jarquez, and why is he in the news? People in the United States are looking for the shocking scandal video of Jarquez Hunter after it was leaked online.

Let us discuss Jarquez Exposed Twitter and know what will be consequences of this on his career.


What is the recent news about Jarquez Hunter?

A video showing Jarquez Hunter interacting with a lady was first leaked on Twitter and quickly became viral. We can see in the video that he is having private time with an unknown girl. The account where it was first posted was public. However, the profile was later switched to private. When the alleged scandal video went viral, Twitter users began asking for money to show it and switched it to his OnlyFans account.

What was the aftermath of the leaked Reddit video of Jarquez Hunter?

As the leaked video found its way to social media and gained popularity, several Auburn students were suspended earlier this week. At present school refused to provide information on how many have been suspended, but Hunter is one among them. Also, we do not know who made the recording, but if the video’s authenticity is proven, there could be legal actions against one who shared a private video without consent.

What do school authorities have to say about this?

According to Auburn University’s executive director of public affairs, the college is aware of the situation and taking social media like Instagram leak matters very seriously. In one public statement on Thursday, he said, “A thorough review is going on by the appropriate offices.” Indefinite sanctions have been imposed for violations of Auburn Athletics policy.

The video leaked is a major incident for Jarquez Hunter, and its consequence can be seen in his career. The video’s public broadcast has already had a negative impact, including a damaged public image and a halt in professional career. Hunter, who had a promising future, is now risked as he deals with the aftermath.

Can you find Jarquez Hunter’s Leaked Video on Telegram?

Unfortunately, the allegedly leaked video of Jarquez Hunter engaging in explicit group acts with other members has been removed from the internet. It’s not available anyplace, and the video was removed because it was uploaded without the consent of those involved in the clip.


The above information about the player is taken from a trusted internet source but may change due to ongoing investigation. We suggest following University’s official account for recent updates.

Who is Jarquez Hunter?

Jarquez is an American Football running back for the Auburn Tigers in the National Football League. He is 20 and graduated from Neshoba Central High School in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Hunter chose Auburn University over Mississippi State and Iowa to play college football. Hunter was Auburn’s second-leading rusher as a freshman. He concluded the 2021 season with 593 yards on the ground. 

After Jarquez Exposed Twitter video, where his career will turn is not known now.


A leaked video of a promising star Jarquez Hunter has shocked everybody. The investigation of this is ongoing, and we have to wait to know the further actions Auburn University took. Meanwhile, you can know complete information about the player Jarquez Hunter here.

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Jarquez Exposed Twitter- FAQs

Q1. Who is in the leaked video?

The Twitter leaked video showed Jarquez Hunter and other members involved in a private moment with an unknown girl. 

Q2. What about the authenticity of the video?

It is not clear yet who recorded and uploaded it. The investigation into this matter is underway.

Q3. How old is Jarquez Hunter?

Jarquez Hunter is 20 years old, an American Football running back whose video leaked on several social media including, Tiktok

Q4. What lessons can one get from the leaked video?

Online privacy is a matter of concern these days, and reputation can go down in a moment if you are not concerned. Therefore, you must be cautious before sharing personal data with anyone.

Q5. How will the leaked video impact Hunter’s career?

Hunter has been suspended, and now the investigation is undergoing. We cannot say about the future impact of the exposed Youtube video until any outcome of the investigation comes.

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