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Is Volympia Scam or Legit has investigated a website selling car support handles and put its report in the public domain.

Is Volympia Scam or Legit has investigated a website selling car support handles and put its report in the public domain.

Do you feel stiff while moving in and out of your car? Are you searching for a product that will assist your mobility during travelling? Volympia web portal claims to sell a car support handle for people suffering from back pain and arthritis. 

It also claims to have its base in the United States. Is Volympia Scam or Legit reviewed this platform and shared its findings with customers.

Source: rationalinsurgent.com

Checking the Authenticity of Volympia Com:

  • This website was registered on 4th August 2022.
  • Web portal Alexa has ranked this site at 10292240, a poor rank for a genuine website.
  • The trust score for the online store is 1%.
  • The external customer review for the store is missing, but it has internal reviews on its platform.
  • The social media account for this e-commerce store is missing.
  • The owner’s details are not given on the web page of the site.
  • The Volympia Reviews trust index of this store is 47.5%.

What is Volympia Com Portal?

Volympia website claims to sell car support handles for people having issues with mobility. According to the information on its platform, it will assist people suffering from back pain and arthritis. The product is priced at $34 at a fifty percent discount.


  • Name of domain – Volympia com.
  • Address of the website.
  • Email address – not given.
  • Physical address – not given
  • Shipping policy – Free shipping with a delivery time of 8-14 days.
  • Is Volympia Scam or Legit found a refund policy that gives 30 days return time to customers.
  • Payment method – shop Pay, G Pay and PayPal.
  • Subscription mail – Available.
  • Contact number – not given

Advantages of the Volympia website:

  • Free shipping service with a refund period of 30 days.
  • Many payment options are given to the shoppers in the United States.

Disadvantages of the Volympia portal:

  • The low trust index and score make this website suspicious.
  • Owner’s details, contact number, and physical address are missing from this store’s site.
  • This website has a low Alexa ranking and no social media presence.

Volympia Reviews:

The website is two months old, and there are no reviews for its product in the digital space. The platform has 103 internal reviews for car support with five ratings, but it could be fabricated. Shoppers can learn more about PayPal payment scams by clicking here.


Volympia is a new website, and most parameters like customer reviews, trust index, and Alexa ranking do not support its legitimacy. Do you use a car support handle while travelling? 

In your opinion, Is Volympia Scam or Legit? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. For safety tips on credit card transactions, read here.

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