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Kroll Settlement Administration T Mobile Scam or Legit – Check Website Breach Details!

The article gives information about the data breach incident and tells the readers about the Kroll Settlement Administration T Mobile Scam or Legit.

Have you heard about the scam by the Kroll Settlement Administration? The United States users and the company are in the class action case where the Kroll Settlement Administration is accused of breaching their customers’ data for money.

If you want to know the whole story behind the Kroll Settlement Administration T Mobile Scam or Legit, read the article until the end.


Is the Kroll Settlement Administration involved in any scam?

If you are a user of the Kroll Settlement Administration, you know that a case has been going on between the company and a citizen of the United States. The company has already lost its goodwill as people claim that Kroll Settlement Administrative leaked their data. 

On the other hand, Kroll Settlement tried its best to handle the situation and accepted that it didn’t prevent the breaching of data of 76 million American users. 

What does the T Mobile Data Breach Settlement Website say?

According to the settlements between the company and the users, the company is ready to offer $350 million to resolve the damages. The data breach didn’t affect the financial details of the users but revealed some sensitive information regarding the present, former and processing customers, which includes:

  • Address
  • Phone number 
  • Information regarding ID 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Social Security Number 

You can submit the claim on the official website of, and you can check out the benefits accordingly on the website. 


What does the T Mobile Data Breach Settlement Website say

Can the users trust the T-mobile website?

With the previous incident, many users started doubting the Kroll Settlement Administration T Mobile Scam or Legit, which is affecting the company’s business. The article is to clear every doubt of the readers, so here are the points related to the website’s legitimacy. 

  • Domain age- 3 months, 7 days 
  • Trust score- 8%
  • Alexa ranking- 437631 globally, and the country-wise rank is 34402
  • Plagiarism- 84% plagiarized and 14% unique
  • Reviews- mixed reviews and nothing is clear

Therefore, at this stage, it is difficult to say whether the T mobile settlement website is a legit one or not. However, suppose you are a victim of cybercrime, and someone steals your information from Kroll Settlement Administration. In that case, you should try and get your claim at the T Mobile Data Breach Settlement Website.

When did the whole incident happen?

On August 15, 2021, the company declared that it suffered a cyberattack that resulted in losing data, including the user’s personal information. According to the website’s statement, the data of 850,000 people leaked.

The reports state that the users’ information is sold on the dark web for a few bitcoins. One of the employees from the company named John Binns took responsibility for the data breach. 

Let’s see how much money people will get from the settlement.

How much money will each individual get?

The company offered a $350 million settlement in court to regain the goodwill regarding Kroll Settlement Administration T Mobile Scam or Legit. The current users will get $25 and the California users will get $100. 

However, there’s a chance of getting $25,000 if you spend money on getting your information back from hackers. You need to submit the necessary documents to the company to reimburse the amount. The company also offers 2 years of free McAfee ID theft protection service for all their users. 

Final Words 

With the above information and research, we can conclude that the company is trying its best to make people believe in them. However, the official website of the settlement is not yet clear whether it’s legit or not, so waiting for the right time to claim compensation would be the right choice. 

Has your data also been breached on T Mobile? Please share your views with us. 

Kroll Settlement Administration T Mobile Scam or Legit– FAQs

1: Is the settlement website legit?

A: It is hard to say anything about the legitimacy because of the lack of reviews. 

2: What’s the compensation amount?

A: The Company is offering $350 million as a settlement for the damage. 

3: When did the incident happen?

A: The data breach happened on August 15, 2021.

4: Are there any other data breach incidents that happen?

A: No, recently no data breaching reports have been found.

5: Is it the first time T mobile is suffering from a Data breach?

A: No, there had been many incidents of breaching in the company. You can check the statement here 

6: Who is the CEO of the Kroll Settlement Administration?

A: The CEO of Kroll Settlement Administration is Mike Sievert. 

7: How many customers have lost their data?

A: Roughly 850,000 customers’ data was leaked.

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