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Is Lawyers of Distinction a Scam: What Is This? Is It Legitimate? Know All Details Here!

The below article helps you explore all the facts so that you can determine, Is Lawyers of Distinction a scam.

Do you know why lawyer awards will be considered a scam? Do you ever realize this kind of scam? Do you know the process of awarding distinction to lawyers? Here we are discussing a crucial topic that is shocking and going to be discussed in the United States

People are eager to know about Is Lawyers of Distinction a scamIn the article, we will scrutinize the facts of this viral news.


Disclaimer: we are not promoting any online domain nor presenting any fake details. All the facts presented here are for educational purposes. 

What about the Lawyer of Distinction scam?

The award for distinguished lawyers is given to well-known attorneys who have put in a lot of effort. One settlement company recently decided to award this prize amusingly. They chose to put Lucy, the office dog, forward for this award!

It was undoubtedly a joke. A YouTube video with an edited cartoon of Lucy saying thank the distinction turned the news into a trend on the internet. Due to these loopholes, it should be no surprise that the lawyers of the Distinction Scam are regarded as a scam.

What Is Lawyers of Distinction Awards?

An attorney may receive the Lawyers of Distinction award for his efforts and contributions in a specific legal field. This honour is given to a legal representative who works on divorce, personal injury, and similar cases. But now the journalists are questioning that it can be a scam. However, people are curious to know that Is Lawyers of Distinction Legitimate

As per our findings, there are only 3 legitimate awards and recognitions. The first is certification, which is run by the State Bar and calls for testing, experience, and references. The other two are Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell, two national services. Before assigning their ratings, both perform real screening.

Know Application Process!

  • Individuals must request a 600-word account of their endeavors and successes in the legal field. Then you have to pay a fee of $475. 
  • After being analyzed, the panel shows the criteria mentioned above for review. 
  • Using this criterion, the Lawyers of Distinction award designates a lawyer as a top practicing attorney.

Is Lawyers of Distinction a scam?

After Lucy received her Lawyers of Distinction award, a whole application and assessment procedure was made public. Can a dog be nominated for a prize? Do they also have research papers, certification requirements, or evaluations? 

Due to this, it is believed that this Lawyers of Distinction award was fraudulent. The Bar Martindale-Hubbell accreditation, Martindale, and AVVO recognition are three reputable honours in the legal field. After revealing the method of awarding lawyer distinction awards, people want to know how to evaluate scams. 

How to evaluate Is Lawyers of Distinction a scam

The panel will examine the outcomes of the individual case, along with any accolades, prizes, Google reviews, judgements, settlements, AVVO reviews, and specific educational backgrounds. 

The panel also looks over credentials, client reviews, and pro bono work done for the society, written works published, seminars, and journals. On Redditt, this scam is going to be discussed.

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This is a fake award, and it is a scam because how can a dog be eligible for a lawyer of distinction award

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Is Lawyers of Distinction a scam-FAQs-

Q.1 Is the lawyers of distinction award a scam?

Ans – Yes.

Q.2 What is the fee of a lawyer of distinction?

Ans- Basic, Featured, and Distinguished memberships are 3 different fees.

Q.3 How many legitimate lawyers of distinction are awarded?

Ans- Three.

Q.4 What is the name of the dog who got the lawyer of distinction award?

Ans- Lucy.

Q.5 Who becomes eligible for a lawyer of distinction award?

Ans- An individual lawyer who achieves success in a specific legal field.

Q.6 What is the highest honour a lawyer receives?

Ans- Smith Award.

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