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Atrioc Video: Is The Apology Tape Going Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter Media? Know Truth Now!

In the below post, we will discuss the Atrioc Video in which he apologized for his activity and why he apologized.

Do you know the famous Youtuber Atrioc? You might know him and his wife. The couple streams fabulous Videos on gaming in which they play various online games. Earlier, a video got viral on the internet in which Atrioc was doing something unethical.

Soon after this Video gets viral on the internet, people across Canadathe United Statesand the United Kingdom start reacting. Thus, after a long silence, Atrioc released a video in which he explained everything regarding Atrioc Video


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What is in the Atrioc’s Video?

Recently Atrioc broke his silence on the Video, which get viral earlier. In his recent Video, he accepted that he was making deep fake images of some renowned YouTube, including Maya Higa, Pokimane, and many others. 

In this Video, he apologizes for his mistake and explains that he was not involved in the deep fake intentionally. In the Atrioc viral Video on Instagram and other social media platforms, he said he reached that website while doing his work. Further, he explained that he clicked on the advertisement, which made him reach the deep fake page. 

However, he accepted the claim, said he was sorry for his mistake, and asked for an apology from his audience. In this Video, the Youtuber was with his wife, and both were crying.

In the current Video, Atrioc also stated that he used the website only once. He explained that he could share the receipt and had only paid the subscription price once. Moreover, his wife said that we are consoling whosoever feels let down or affected by that Video.

Does Video get Viral on Reddit?

The apology video of famous Youtuber Atrioc is released on Reddit. You can watch the full Video on other social media platforms, including YouTube. To watch the Video, click on the links we have shared in this post below.

What was the matter?

Earlier, Atrioc was streaming his Video when accidentally, people could see other tabs opened on his PC. Those tabs people could recognize that one of the tabs had a website that featured deep fake videos and pictures of many YouTubers on YouTube.

Social Media Links 



The video is not available on Telegram media. 

The Last Words

Atrioc accepts the claim that he deep fake images and videos of some famous YouTubers. So, he released an apology video in which he accepted the claim, but he said he used the website only once. 

What are your thoughts against this viral video? Please share your views in the comment section below.

Atrioc Video– FAQs

Q1. What is the real name of Atrioc? 

Ans. The real name of Atrioc is Brandon Ewing.

Q2. Do Maya Higa and Pokimane react to this incident?

Ans. No, they haven’t reacted yet to the incident. 

Q3. Did Atrioc show the receipt of the subscription?

Ans. No, he just asked but hasn’t shared the receipt yet.

Q4. Which website does Atrioc use to create deep fakes?

Ans. No, the website hasn’t been disclosed due to privacy concerns. 

Q5. Does Atrioc’s wife were also involved in creating the deep fake?

Ans. No, it is not confirmed whether his wife was involved in a deep fake Video.  

Q6. Is Atrioc create any deep fake of any TikTok star?

Ans. No, he hasn’t created any deep fake of any TikTok star.

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