Indis Viva City Online Review

Indis Viva City Review

I regularly invest in real estate and buy opulent houses with cutting-edge architecture and top-notch amenities. I love homes that are cross-ventilated, drenched in natural light, open to broad views of the outdoors, and full of light, wind, and delight. I was browsing online when I came across the Indis Viva City brochure and was interested in the neighbourhood. When I learnt about Indis Viva City, I was looking for a luxury home in a wealthy neighbourhood to invest in. An upcoming gated community in Hyderabad’s Kondapur district.

The residences in Indis Viva City illustrate the sprawling, opulent development that may be found across sizable land tracts and has exquisitely constructed 2 and 3-BHK apartments. The distinctive 2 and 3-BHK apartments in Indis Viva City have completely realised works of art, both inside and out, with first-rate amenities and breathtakingly beautiful views of the natural world. 

It is designed to be a habitable landscape and is a remarkable blend of nature, design, luxury, harmony, and coexistence. Every house shares a similar sense of self, surroundings, and mission. Indis Viva City is teeming with modern establishments and comforts, enabling its residents to live luxurious lives. The apartments in Indis Viva City are furnished with fine fixtures that elegantly conceal standard conveniences in addition to the lovely interior design.

25+ Luxurious Indis Viva City Amenities

The Party area is for all communal hosting and entertainment requirements. I enjoy spending time in the sun by diving into the community pool whenever I have the chance. The locals enjoy the numerous indoor games that are provided. The kids’ play area is secure and well-equipped. If you care about environmental preservation as much as I do, rainwater harvesting will impress you. Your home has 24-hour fire safety and 24-hour power backup all year long. Here, fitness enthusiasts will have a blast. The dependable maintenance and housekeeping team were quite effective. I also got a clubhouse, a community park, a secure visitor parking lot, and a shared garden.

Three Reasons I Would Recommend Buying a House in Indis Viva City

Indis Viva City Price

The best part of a real estate investor’s life is getting a value-for-money deal. I’m glad to make a purchase because Indis viva City offers such an opulent atmosphere at a reasonable price. The cost of an apartment in Indis Viva City ranges from 1.07 crores to 2 crores. Anyone looking for a fantastic price on their dream home should consider this property. I spent Rs. 1.78 crores on the two-bedroom apartment. 

Well-Connected Neighbourhood  

Indis Viva City is located in a great area in Kondapur. This region is a favourite choice for anyone wishing to change locations due to its handy position and close connectivity to other areas of Hyderabad. The distance between bus stations, such as Kondapur Bus Depot, Hafeezpet Dargah, Renault Showroom (Kondapur), Friends Function Hall, etc., is 8 to 12 kilometres. Within 10 minutes, Kondapur, Hyderabad, healthcare facilities including Align Hospitals, Rich Feel Trichology Centre, Bhaskara Hospital, Apollo Cradle & Children’s Hospital – Best Maternity Hospital, Gynaecologist, Neonatologist, Paediatric, Child Specialist, Birth Centre are accessible. For your amusement needs, movie theatres, such as the Sachita Basu, AMB movies, etc., are within a 4–8-minute radius.

Renowned builders 

I do not invest in properties having inexperienced builders, so this decision was carefully thought of. Since delivering the first tower at its first and most prominent project, Pbel City, in 2011, Indis has achieved significant advancements. With the introduction of five more successful initiatives, Indis now has close to 5,000 clients. Indis has established a reputation as a forward-thinking, dependable, innovative, and transparent real estate company. Because of its dedication to engineering quality, ongoing innovation, and education, Indis will continue to produce amazing achievements.

I am certainly happy with the decision to invest in a property at Indis Viva City! The price at which I bought the property was reasonable, the location is perfect and the amenities have improved my life as well. If you are also searching for properties in Hyderabad, I suggest you check verified listings on before venturing out. 

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