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{Watch} Rizky Aditya Video: Is It Got Leaked on TWITTER, Reddit, TIKTOK, Instagram, YOUTUBE & Telegram Handles? Checkout Final Facts Here!

Read our article till the end and you will get lots of information that will help to know details about Rizky Aditya Video.

Have you ever watched Rizky Aditya acting before? Do you claim yourself as a true fan of Rizky Aditya? Have you watched the recently leaked video of RizkyAditiya? 

Rizky Aditya has been popular worldwide, for his acting. Recently people have been discussing viral videos and want to know more information about them. Some of the viewers who do not have watched that Rizky Aditya Video want to know every information then read our article from the beginning.


Disclaimer: We are not promoting any person or celebrity.Links to social media accounts have been mentioned in this post for information purposes.

Video of Rizky Aditya:

A private video of Rizky Aditya has been uploaded on Twitter, where fans came to see Rizky Aditya has been lying on the bed and showing his private parts on the video call. Lots of people start to think he might be Rizky Aditya.

Is that a viral Video of Rizky Aditya’s takedown?

Yes, that video has been taken down by the officials of Twitter and we do not find that video anymore. While we search for this viral video on other platforms like Reddit we do not find any footage over there.

The reaction of the viewers on Instagram:

We do not find reactions on lots of social media handles because it has already been removed from the main source, and no more information has been available. But fans are demanding a video from Rizky Aditya to clarify this issue just like Hard Gumy did.

Is a video of Rizky Aditya uploaded on YouTube?

No, You tube’s policy will not accept any adult content on their portal, if it has been posted by any user it will immediately be takedown. This video that has been Leaked on TWITTER has also been removed after verifying it properly.

Biography of Rizky Aditya:


Biography of Rizky Aditya

On February 26, 1985, Rizky Aditya was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, he is now 34 years old. Sources claimed that he belongs to a lower middle-class family and he has been struggling a lot in his childhood. 

He prefers to do acting at various school functions and his parents support him to do so later he gets an opportunity to start his career in the film industry and become one of the biggest stars in Indonesia.

Net Worth of Rizky Aditya:

After verifying all the assets of Rizky Aditya we came to know his net worth is more than 5 Million Dollars. A certain percentage of his revenue also came from YOUTUBE. His net worth has increased from 1 to 5 million from 2020 to 2022.

Important information about Rizky Aditya:

Real Name Rizky Aditya 
Date Of Birth February 26th 1985
Age 34 Years
Birth Sign Pisces
Birth Place  Jakarta Indonesia
Net Worth  5 Million Dollars
Profession Actor
Marital Status N/A
Telegram Account Not Found

Social Media Links:



Final Verdict:

Recently a video has been viral on multiple social media handles like TIKTOK where a guy that seems to be Rizky Aditya wearing jeans shows his private parts to someone. A statement has been given by the actor till now and the video has been removed.

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Rizky Aditya Video:FAQs

1.Where did the video of Rizky Aditya upload?

On social media platforms.

Did a video of Rizky Aditya be removed?


3.What is Rizky Aditya’snet worth?

5 Million Dollars.

 4 What is Rizky Aditya’s age?

34 years.

Where did Rizky Aditya Stay?

Jakarta Indonesia.

What is the birth sign of Rizkya Aditya?


Is Rizkya Aditya Single?


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